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New Goodies!

I have new goodies! 😀 I received a package from Poland a few days ago. I finally found a decent online chemist that would ship me products, without charging me obscene amounts for shipping. They have the cutest name as well – Little Elephant Chemist or Apteka Słonik 🙂

So what did I buy?


I bought an ‘even brighter’ pigmentation spot corrector ‘pen’ from German brand Eucerin. Apparently it should work well on sun spots, hormonal pigmentation and pigmentation left over from stubborn spots/pimples.


I also bought three ‘Bambino’ soaps – baby soap 🙂 Apparently my grandmother used to always buy this soap for herself from the kiosk down the street from her apartment block. My mum also loves it! I thought that it was made by another German brand but apparently now the brand is owned by Nivea according to the packaging. 

I bought another soap (or cleansing bar if I wanna be more fancy about it) from Iwostin, a Polish brand creating all of its products based on Polish thermal spring water (I’ll link you to their English website here). You can tell I like soap, huh? 😛 I don’t usually use soap on my face, but I do like using very gentle soaps (especially goat milk soaps) in the bath or shower. I thought I would give this a go since it appears to be very gentle (and hence it can be used by sensitive skins rather than a regular cleanser for the face).  Apparently the soap has a similar acidic pH balance as your skin does naturally and it will not destroy the hydrolipidic barrier/film of your skin. It will additionally support regeneration and prepare your skin for further products (i.e. moisturiser).  The soap is made on a natural cleansing base (they call it ‘syndet’ – I’m not sure exactly what this is, but I think it means something along the lines of being soap free), contains glycerine and almond oil to moisturise and protect the skin, soothes irritation thanks to liquid paraffin, hydrolysed silk proteins and lactic acid. Sounds good to me!


I also bought a lip balm from French brand Sanflore (99% of its ingredients come from natural sources and 72% of these ingredients come from ‘eco’ organic plantations). From what I can read of the ingredients it contains sunflower seed oil, macadamia seed oil, shea butter, glycerin, rosmery leaf extract and ginger root oil. The second lip balm is from Polish brand Herba Studio and seems to be quite a hit in the Polish blogga-sphere. It contains honey, vitamin E, beeswax, oilve oil and castor oil. It smells like honey to! The Sanflore lip balm smells like… floral herbs? If that makes sense… but it’s very nice, not over powering at all.


Let me know if you would like an update on any of these products after I have tried them out for a while! 🙂

Until next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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