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New Goodies!

Hi beauties! Sorry if I have been a little more quiet lately, June hasn’t started out the best for me and I have been flat out with work and marking student papers! I do still hold onto hope that the rest of June will be easier 🙂


To help myself a long, I have a few new goodies to show you! I have a new obsession besides my current love of orange slash red lips – green eyeshadow! I know that might sound wacky, but all of the different tones you can get these days is just amazing. Plus, as an accent it works beautifully (and gets the creativity going!) so I will have to start experimenting over the next coming weeks 🙂 I already have some green eyeshadows thanks to my Sigma Creme De Couture eyeshadow palette, which contains some small candy coloured eyeshadows which are pigmented and matte (so fantastic!) but I really wanted a khaki shade. I’d prefer matte over shimmer eyeshadows because if you want to add shine to the eye you can do that over a matte eyeshadow, but you can’t make shimmery eyeshadows matte! So I spotted a Sleek palette called Supreme which contains not only a khaki green shadow but also some gorgeous blues and light moss green. The only problem was that it’s a limited edition palette and it was already sold out on Sleek’s website 🙁 I luckily did manage to track one down on Luxola – an online beauty shop based in Singapore. If you spend over $40 you get free shipping and even though the palettes aren’t as cheap as from Sleek’s own website, but $20 a palette is still pretty damn reasonable! Plus, NOTHING beats Asian logistics. Your orders don’t get shipped via regular snail mail, they get shipped via courier and I think I got my order like 3 days after placing my order. If I had ordered my Sleek palettes from the UK, I would have been waiting 2-4 weeks! I ordered the Sleek Supreme palette as well as the Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 Darks palette. The only issue was that my Ultra Mattes V2 Darks palette arrived broken, but sorting this issue out wasn’t a big deal. Luxola sent a courier to pick up the item and they sent me a new palette swiftly again 🙂 They also included a Sleek eyeliner as a ‘sorry’ gift, which i thought was a very nice gesture. The pencil itself ain’t that great quality wise, but I’m not complaining because their customer service is so quick and helpful!

So – now for the photos 🙂




I didn’t swatch the eyeliner because it barely showed up on my skin and tugged at my skin quite a bit (so I won’t be trying to use this around my eyes).



So far from what I can see they are highly pigmented and not to powdery – but I will have to have a proper play around with them to see how they perform. I’m very happy with the colour selection so far 🙂

Two other items which I bought recently were two of the OCC cosmetic color pencils in Grandma (a bright coral shade) and Feathered (a white). Most of these pencils can be used on both the eyes and lips (there are some exceptions). I bought mine from Bellabox for $18.95 each. Even though I don’t receive the monthly Bellabox anymore, anyone can buy from their online shop which is great! However… doom prevailed this month and my rat beagle already got to one of the pencils – Grandma to be precise… Malinka the beagle ate Grandma lol or got a good taste of her! 😀 I can still use the pencil but it is not as attractive now lol


Grandma is a little more neon that I imagined it to be and both pencils aren’t as creamy as I was hoping them to be. I wanted to use the white pencil to help accentuate my lip line, but  I think it’s a little dry for that task (a illuminating concealer will work much better). Maybe with some experimenting I will like these more with time.



The last goodie I have to show you is a little different – hairpins made from Japanese clay in the shape of Orchids. I found these on Etsy from a shop called Floral Style. Floral Style is owned by Maria who is based in the Ukraine and she does makes jewellery and hair pieces. They are just to beautiful for words! Delicate and so so life like! They are expensive but I think they are worth every penny. It does take a while for these to arrive so keep that in mind should you order something from her shop. Oh, and she makes all of her items to order, so if you place an order you have to be a little patient while she makes them for you 🙂



Well that’s it from me beauties! Has your June started off well? Anything excited planed? I have some OCC Lip Tars to review for you, so stay tuned for that 😉 Join me on Facebook also for some more inspiration and antics!

Until next time,

Beauty Bee~

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