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Nails of the Day: Winter Snowflakes

While ‘exploring’ the whole Essie range, I knew I wanted to try another one of their glitter nail polishes (which they call their Luxeffects range). I picked up Set In Stones – a silver glitter and a regular cream nail polish in Borrowed & Blue, as I thought they would be fun to pair together. The tones and colours remind me of winter snow 🙂


While it doesn’t snow in Sydney, it has been extra cold recently, so I think this pairing is nice and fitting 🙂 Plus it reminds me of European winters…


Borrowed & Blue had me a little worried when I painted on the first coat – the nail colour looked very sheer and runny. Luckily, with the second coat the colour evened out and became opaque. It is a tad runnier than other nail polishes, so you just have to be mindful to not pick up to much polish out of the bottle. I am impressed that this ‘milky blue’ does not dry streaky on the nail at all! The first Essie nail polish I ever tried was a milky pink and that relationship did not go well. The nail polish consistency was thick, gluggy and yes, streaky. I’m pretty sure I threw it out after my first ‘play’ with it, as it stressed me out a lot. Luckily this pale/pastel blue is wonderful 🙂 Set in Stones went on wonderfully and it’s very easy to build up the sparkles should you want an ‘opaque’ finish on the nail.


I must be off now beauties as the wind is taking up and it’s getting might cold… I’m pretty bummed that the weekend is slowly coming to a close 🙁 But at least there is always more tea to drink!


Catch ya next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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