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Nails of the Day: Tomoko and You Are Worth It

I finally tried my first ever Zoya nail polish! I picked quite a different formula and finish to begin with – one of their nail polishes from their Pixie Dust range. I picked this particular polish because it just looked so damn shiny in all the photos I saw of it! I have a weakness for shiny things you see… I was drawn to this particular colour (Tomoko) more than the others, as the silvery pale gold flecks seem less harsh than the other colours available. I was a little worried that the ‘gritty’ texture and finish may annoy me after a while on the nail, but I was oh so pleasantly surprised! Not only is it hella shiny on the nail (it looks like sparkly gold leaf), the finish feels somewhat ‘textured’ and grainy, but not so much that it’s annoying or even that noticeable. I did fear that delicate materials might catch on the nail, but luckily, no issues like that here.


I decided to pair Tomoko with one of my favourite L’Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis shades, You Are Worth It, which is a light-medium grey. Sydney has been super rainy and grey recently, so this combination reminds me of  dark stormy rain clouds and the sun just peeping through them. You know when it’s super dark even during the day when it rains and then when the sun peeps through the clouds and you can see that golden outline on the clouds? Well that’s what I was thinking of 🙂 The sun seems sooo much brighter and golden then, hence my colour collaboration! I think it works well, but let me know what you think!


You will also be happy to know that Tomoko is oddly so easy to remove (nothing like glitter polishes, which are a bitch to get off). It can chip off the nail easily though, so definitely use a top coat when wearing this shade. A top coat doesn’t take away from the effect at all. If anything, Tomoko looks even shinier with a top coat!

I haven’t been doing as many Nails of the Day posts lately, as my nails haven’t been in the best condition. I used to take hair and supplements for a long time but then took a break and haven’t been taking them since. Since you have to take them for a looooong time before they become effective (check out my post on hair and nails supplements here) I’ve ordered some new supplements and will start taking them regularly again, as I do think they make a difference. I’ve also been giving them a bit of a break recently, so hopefully that helps (my natural nails have become a little yellow at the ends because I’ve been wearing to much nail polish and they haven’t been getting time to ‘breathe’). I’ll keep you updated though, on any new developments 🙂

Do you recommend or dislike Zoya nail polishes? I’m wondering what their regular line of nail polishes is like… Let me know if you have any nail tips in general 🙂

Until next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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