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Nails of the Day: Sorry I’m Fizzy Today

With summer in full swing, I couldn’t resist purchasing this cool toned coral nail polish. I believe that this colour was released with OPI’s Coca Cola Summer collection a little white ago. It applies on the nail beautifully, isn’t streaky and is richly opaque! I of course used my trusty Sally Hansen top coat, to finish off my DIY manicure (Mega Shine top coat).



What do you think of this creamy pink-coral? 🙂 I bought mine from ebay (here) for only $7.50 US, plus $6.00 shipping. On a somewhat related note – I’m not into Coke or Cola at all. I used to sometimes have a glass with a slice of pizza (special occasion hoho 😉 ) but now, even when scoffing down a cheesy pizza – Coke it doesn’t tempt me at all. After some Coke, I am sooo thirsty because of the high sugar content, I don’t know how people drink it regularly without dropping from dehydration (though I am unusually thirsty all the time…. lol). Do you have a soft spot for soft drink? I’ll happily stick to my nail polish and cheese obsession instead 😉

Well that’s all from me today beauties, drop by and say hi on my Facebook page or on Instagram – joining the ‘hive’ will be fun I promise! 😉 😛

Beauty Bee~

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