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Nails of the Day: Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Feed the Rich and Shattered Souls

Smith & Cult nail polishes are a new brand to hit the U.S. from the makers of Hard Candy (a successful US makeup line – which I do believe is drugstore as it’s only available at Walmart). To be honest that’s not what drew me to the brand – it was the look of these new nail polishes. I love the shape of the glass bottles and the metal caps, which look like they’ve been thrown in anger and are as a result, dented. A little ‘damaged’ yet beautiful and more interesting 🙂  As they aren’t the cheapest in the world ($18 USD) I was also expecting a lot from their formula. I decided to try two colours, Feed the Rich –  a dark teal and a glittery gold, Shattered Souls.


I don’t have a colour like Feed the Rich in my collection, so I was really excited to try it. Shattered Souls is a gold glitter which I though would be fun! I wore the nail polishes with my standard nail base (Dr Lewinn’s Revitanail Nail Strengthener) and standard and trusted top coat (Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine). Both nail polishes were a dream to apply and Feed the Rich is creamy and very pigmented. I wore two layers of each polish, but unfortunately by about day 4, I started to experience some pretty significant chipping. I don’t think the quality of these nail polishes is as high as say OPI (considering that they are also a high end nail polish brand), which is such a shame. Shattered Souls lasts a bit longer because glitters tend to be more resilient to begin with. I still love both colours, but if you want to try something from the line – go with a glitter or shimmer polish. The cream colours tend to be high maintenance from what I’ve read about them online, so it doesn’t appear to just be Feed the Rich.


I bought my Smith & Cult nail polishes from Kiss and Makeup NY (yep – they ship to Aus!).  Would I buy more Smith & Cult nail polishes? Maybe a glitter or shimmery unique shade, but I don’t think I will go for any of their cream  shades anymore. Once I factor in postage and the conversion rate, I don’t think it’s necessarily worth the price.

Does this look like a brand you would like to try? What do you think of the colours?

Don’t forget I’m running an Instagram competition where you can win a Dior Les Neiges De Diorsnow powder, which was only released in East Asia and is one the I loooove!

Until next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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