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Nails of the Day: Samoan Sands

This is one of my all time favourite shades! If I had to pick one shade of nail polish to wear for the rest of my life, it would be OPI’s Samoan Sands, hands down. It’s the perfect nude – with a blend of pinks and beiges. It suits every outfit and occasion and just looks so sophisticated! The first coat of this polish may look a bit streaky on your nails, but it all evens out with a second coat. The formula is a little bit on the thicker side, so if you pile it on your nails you can get little bubbles appear between the layers of nail polish. Now this doesn’t bother me, as it’s not very noticeable at all, but if you want to avoid it make sure your each layer of nail polish dries thoroughly between coats, and try and paint on thin layers (as much as you can help it).


Oh how I wish I was writing this post from Samoa or the Cook Islands! Instead, Sydney is stinkin’ hot! So city living will have to do for now… I’m not sure how our garden will fair after this 40 degree heat (will have to give the garden a good soaking later at night) but so far, not every plant has shrivelled up which is good news!




Hope your having a wonderful Friday beauty bees! The weekend is so so close! Don’t forget to take a break from all the xmas madness and join us on Facebook!

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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