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Nails of the Day: Sally Hansen’s Gray-t Escape

I picked up this nail polish from Priceline during their 40% off cosmetics sale (can I just mention how NUTS people were going over the sale in store!) . It had already been reduced to half price (so from $9.95 it had dropped to $4.95 from memory) and I managed to snap it up for the ridiculous price of $4 or thereabouts. It’s a gorgeous taupe like shade, a neutral that’s not your ordinary pink or beige. It’s such a ‘sophisticated’ colour, neutral but unusual at the same time. I mentioned in earlier posts how impressed I was with the Sally Hansen nail polish formula and I still uphold that opinion! The first coat does come out rather streaky but with second coat all streakiness disappears! With a good base and top coat, it should last chip free on your nails for 5-7 days!




As I’ve mentioned before, my favourite top coat is still Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine top coat. It helps your nails dry MUCH faster than normal, gives your nails a bling worthy shine and helps prevent chipping. Gold! 😀 


Do you have any favourite Sally Hansen nail products? I’d like to try a few more so I’m wondering which ones to pick…. 

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Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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