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Nails of the Day: Road House Blues

I felt like going for a classic ‘nail look’ today and luckily on hand I had a new nail polish – OPI’s Road House Blues <3 It’s a gorgeous navy blue – opaque, shiny and intense in colour. I’ve had a longing to travel recently, but as I can’t go anywhere anytime soon this nail polish will have to do! It’s name reminds me of good ol’ country music! I would so go on a musical road trip in the States! *sigh I’ll keep dreaming on…



*Update* This nail polish goes on quite thickly – it’s just got a thick formula unfortunately, so it will chip a little faster compared to other OPI nail polishes. I recommend you try and paint it on as thinly as possible and most definitely wear a base and top coat. The colour is beautiful, so it is worth the trouble 😉

I used to show photos of flowers from my garden quite often in posts like this, but as it’s getting chilly in Sydney and the gardens looking quite bare (in regards to flowers) I haven’t taken any great photos lately. My boyfriend recently bought my mum a bouquet of native Australian flowers for Polish mothers day (makes sense doesn’t it :P) and they were so unique and beautiful! I’ve never seen flowers like this actually. Luckily I could take some snaps of those for you 🙂












Hope you beauties have a good weekend! Let me know if you’re up to anything exciting 🙂 I don’t have any plans as such, except for maybe playing around with the blog and some photoshop applications so that I can make my photos higher quality and add text to them!


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Catch ya next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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