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Nails of the Day: Red Wine

I think I posted about this nail colour agggges ago when i first started my blog. I’ve been going back to it lately, so I thought it deserved a revisit 🙂 Red Wine in a gorgeous deep red shade from Avon’s Speed Dry nail enamel line. It does indeed dry quickly, and it lasts on the nails without chipping for days!


The formula itself is great – not to thin or watery and not to thick and gluggy either. You could get away with just one coat of polish, but I always go for two. Topped with Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine top coat, my nails look incredibly glossy and the red polish really does shine! I’m actually a fan of all of Avon’s nail polishes, so do check them out if you can!


I should also mention that I’ve had this particular bottle of nail polish for agggges and it’s still as fine as when I first bought it. I rarely use up a bottle of nail polish, as they usually go bad before I get the chance to use them up. Luckily, this one is going strong! Red always makes me feel more confident, so if you need a boost it’s a great colour! It also never goes out of fashion and always looks sophisticated in my opinion.


Have you tried Avon’s nail polishes before? What is your favourite red nail polish?

Until next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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