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Nails of the Day: OPI’s Big Apple Red

It’s soooo rainy and dreary here in Sydney (sticky to – which I hate) – so how do I fight the blues when it’s dark and depressing? By surrounding myself with colour and for me that starts with my nails 🙂 OPI’s Big Apple Red is a classic bright red without going into the neon bright territory. It’s probably one of OPI’s more well known shades as it’s a classic that never gets old.




 I only have a mini version of this nail polish, but I will be getting the full size soon as it’s true love!


I used my regular top coat as always – Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine Top Coat 🙂 I did three thin coats with this polish because I have found that two coats can chip rather quickly, while with three the polish stays in tact for longer. Bit strange but hey, whatever you have to do right?! It’s worth the bother and extra effort though!

Do you own OPI’s Big Apple Red? Do you have a soft spot for classic red shades? What’s your fav?

Catch ya soon beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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