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Nails of the Day: OPI Nail Envy + Samoan Sand

I generally love OPI’s nail formula – they are super long wearing and chip resistant, especially with an added base and top coat. I hadn’t tried their strengthening nail treatment Nail Envy before, as I’m super happy with using the Revitanail Nail Strengthener. When I saw that OPI’s Nail Envy was now available combined with their popular nail colours (so a nail treatment and colour in one!) I picked up the colour Samoan Sand as it’s one of my all time favvvourites and as my nails have been in poor form of late. It’s a perfect nude  beige, but with pink undertones, so you don’t look dead (always a plus 😉 ). There wasn’t to many shades to pick from containing the nail strengthener and colour, I think this combination is also available in Bubble Bath (a light pink) and Hawaiian Orchid (a deep rose).


Because the nail colour is mixed in with a strengthener, it’s recommended that you use the nail polish on top of a clean nails (so no base coats) so the strengthening formula can work it’s magic. Two coats are needed to achieve an opaque colour. I sometimes even paint on three, just to be sure… the formula isn’t thick, so you won’t have to deal with a gluggy mess. I always paint on a top coat, just to seal everything in and keep the polish from chipping.

So did I notice that my nails became stronger? No. There was no magic for me. I find that this formula chips super easily – and when the chips happen, leaving my nail bed exposed, my natural nails start to peel 🙁 So its a total fail for me. I’ve tried painting on two layers of top coat, just to make sure everything is super sealed in, but it’s like the nail polish doesn’t adhere to the nail bed properly, because I experience chips no matter what I try. I find the polish starts chipping day two to three for me. What’s more disappointing is that the nail polish is more expensive than the regular nail polishes in their collection. Instead of paying around the $20 mark here in Aus, this guy is $34.50. How depressing is that.


If you are still interested in the Nail Envy + Colour collection, because you find that the original Nail Envy works for you brilliantly, find somewhere cheaper to purchase it rather than in store (i.e. from a trusted nail supply store on Ebay). That’s what you get when you demand instant satisfaction from Sephora 😛

Samoan Sand is still a favourite of mine, but I’ll take the regular formula thanks… Do you have any favourite shades from OPI?

Until next time,

Beauty Bee~

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