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Nails of the Day: Navy & Gold

Hi Beauties! I hope you have all been keeping dry (Sydney experienced a typhoon like weather sensation it lasted for three full days – it was insane) and safe!

If you remember a little while ago, I used gold foil on my nails for the first time (here). The results were good, however not as delicate as I would have liked. This time, not only did I try using smaller gold leaf pieces but I used way less of them, only adding a ‘little’ detail to each nail. I’m even happier with this result this time round and the nail look is even more eye catching in real life. I’ve received lots of compliments about my nails these last couple of days, which is lovely. It’s the little details that count, right? 😉


I contrasted the gold leaf with OPI’s nail polish in Road House Blue. a gorgeous deep navy blue. The gold leaf looks a little more delicate in real life than it does in the photo (I think this is because of the high resolution of colours in the photo), so it is definitely a more subtle look. While I loooove the colour Road House Blue, it doesn’t last as long as other OPI nail colours. I’m not sure why, but if the polish last a week without chips etc. I am very happy (it doesn’t chip horrendously, it just seems to ‘wear’ down more easily). So you must wear a good base and top coat with this colour. In saying that, I put my hands through torture most days (e.g. I don’t wear gloves when washing dishes etc). So that also probably doesn’t help… but what’s a working girl gonna do?!

How do you like this nail look? Any ideas about what i could do with gold leaf next? 🙂

Until next time,

Beauty Bee~

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