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Nails of the Day: Motion of the Ocean~

Sorry I’ve been a touch quiet these last couple of days beauties, but my headaches were terrorising me again and I was just to spaced out to put words together (though I bet that would have been an interesting post ha!). The last couple of days have felt like I was somewhere out at sea so this nail polish is quite fitting in some odd way 😛 Luckily, Motion of the Ocean is also a gorgeous shade 🙂 I picked up a set of polishes from Sea Siren Cosmetics a little while ago and this is the second shade I am reviewing (Mojito Madness was the first).


In the bottle, Motion of the Ocean looks like a minty green, but in different light settings it can appear to more blue, even turquoise (but not garish and neon in colour). It’s a lot easier to work with than Mojito Madness, in that the colour is more opaque so it’s less of a struggle to get a streak free finish. It’s also lasted on my nails a whole week without any chips (though as you probably already know, I always wear a base and top coat). Another big plus with this polish is that should you make a mistake and not apply the colour evenly, if you apply a third coat of polish to your nail it won’t go thick and gluggy (sometimes it’s very obvious that you have applied to much nail polish to the nail and it just looks wrong).


These little bottles make trying nail colours so easy peasy 🙂 A bigger brush would probably be more comfortable in regards to application – but hey it’s a teeny bottle so you need a matching brush!


A little mini polish will only set you back $6.95 while the full sized bottles (which look like a giant bubble!) cost $15.95. Sea Siren Cosmetics is a great little Australian brand and all their nail polishes are ‘5 free’ as in, free from Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toulene, Formaldehyde Resins or Camphor AND are completely cruelty free and vegan. You can find them at Sea Siren’s official website here. What are you wearing on your nails today beauties? How has your week started off?

Catch ya soon!

Beauty Bee~

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