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Nails of the Day: Look at My Bow!

Today’s nails are inspired by Hello Kitty and Swarovski 🙂 I love cats and anything shiny, so I couldn’t resist this OPI nail pack, inspired by all things Hello Kitty (if you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen it a little while ago!). I’m glad that it isn’t to out there, and you can create some simple yet sophisticated nail looks both with the nail polishes and Swarovski crystals.


The kit costs $40 Aus dollars. A regular OPI nail polish retails for $20 in Aus, so for $40, you receive a third full sized nail polish for free – plus some Swarovski crystals and nail glue to help you design some nail art yourself! I bought my pack from Myer.


The colours in the kit are:

  1. Let’s Be Friends! A light creamy pink – on the nails it looks like a rose toned white.

  2. Look at My Bow! A rose toned medium pink.

  3. Never Have Too Mani Friends! A ink-toned black.

I used Look at My Bow for this nail look and some black Swarovski crystals 🙂 I didn’t use the nail glue included with the kit because it’s quite difficult to use. The tip of the nail glue is quite big and as the crystals are very small and delicate, if you want to pop some glue on the back of the crystal, the glue will go every where, creating a very sticky mess. I tried placing the glue on my nail first and then dropping a crystal into it on top, but somehow, the glue wouldn’t make the crystal adhere to it. Weird. Perhaps it only works on nail polish free nails? But who decorates nails which are plain and not painted? I doubt I’ll be using this glue for anything. The crystals adhered to wet nail polish very easily!


Look at My Bow is such a gorgeous colour. It goes on opaquely, is a bright cream and lasts on the nail well. I went 4 days without any chips. The polish only started to chip (and they were minor chips) only because I put my hands through a lot these last 4 days (cleaning, cooking, washing etc all without gloves). You could stretch the polish 6-7 days easily. None of the crystals have fallen off and it’s day 5 currently. A good base and top coat is a must though!

What do you think of my ‘design’? 😛 Are you a Hello Kitty fan?

Until next time,

Beauty Bee~

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