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Nails of the Day: Heavenly Clouds


I haven’t done a ‘Nails of the Day’ post in aggggges! Why? The nail on my thumb (on my left hand) ripped half way up the nail horizontally. I don’t even know from what or how, but it progressively got worse. It wasn’t to painful, but it was super annoying because I had to be careful that the broken nail wouldn’t catch on anything and rip off (now that would be painful!). Sounds awful, I know. I decided to give my nails a good break from nail varnish (except for the occasional nail stregthener/treatment). Even once my nails were healthy and strong again, I just couldn’t be bothered painting them. Lazy Beauty Bee strikes again. I think a good break from most things does us some good and my nails now feel ‘refreshed’! Now that I felt like painting them again, I thought I would share my ‘look’ with you 🙂 It’s not the best nail painting job in the world, but I’m chuffed with the colour and texture combination on my nails! I also used some nail polishes which I knew would last a good week or more.


I loooove the Zoya Pixie Dust nail polish in Tomoko. It’s so gorgeously shiny and not to gritty. It adds some texture to your nail, without feeling or looking harsh. It also lasts very well, so no need to worry about chips! I used a top coat over the varnish and luckily this doesn’t take away from the final effect. I also decided to use the L’Oreal Color Riche Le Vernis nail polishes in the shades #857 Chantilly Lace (a white) and #858 Ocean Porcelaine (a very pale blue – almost like a off white blue). For me, the colour combination reminded me of the sky and heavens 🙂 I love the partly gel formula of the L’Oreal nail varnishes. White nail polish is hard to do – it’s often streaky, thick and gluggy or thin and not pigmented. Chantilly Lace is the perfect texture, not to thin and not to thick. You do need at least two coats or best three, if you painted your nails unevenly. It’s still one of the best white nail polishes I have ever tried and I would rate it more highly than the  Essie 024 Marshmallow.



I was originally going to paint my nails white and gold, but the contrast was to ‘harsh’ and the blue just added the perfect balance. What do you think of the colour combination? Have you tried the new L’Oreal nail polish formula? My thumb nail is painted pale blue just in case you can’t make it out.

I’m thinking of doing a nail care and lip care post soon. What do you think of that idea beauties? I’m going to be working a lot more over the coming weeks (the new academic year has begun in Australia and I’ll be teaching a bit) so I will have to do some more planning when it comes to my posts, but I’m positive I can stay on top of it all! It’s all about quality not quantity right? 😛

Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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