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Nails of the Day: Green Couture

I saw this green nail polish while wandering around Priceline and I almost dropped! It’s soooo gorgeous! I’ve never seen a green nail polish like this before, they always tend to be more pastel, neon or very dark. This one is a true emerald green, or a pretty exact match of Panatone colour 356 C. It’s from L’oreal’s Colour Riche Le Vernis collection and it’s number 612, Green Couture.



Apparently the polish is based in a gel formula, so I thought this might be interesting to work with and I just prayed that it would be opaque enough, so that the gorgeous green colour was vivid and visable. The first coat was quite tragic – the colour wasn’t opaque and the formula went on a bit uneven. However, I think this was because my undercoat was in a traditional nail formula. The second coat of the polish went on like a dream, opaque and smooth (. The brush is quite big and flat, so you can cover the nail in one or two swipes easily. I think the faster you work with this formula, the better, otherwise is might go a little gluggy.

Another big bonus of this polish (in my eyes) is that the bottle is a miniture – meaning that you can buy some crazy colours that you wouldn’t usually wear or not very often and you won’t be worried about wasting a whole bottle of polish (should the relationship not work out 😉 ) or braking the bank! The little polishes come in little 5ml bottles and will only set you back $6.95 (in Aus gold coins). Now I couldn’t find this colour on Priceline’s website, so hopping along to your local drugstore might be the way to go!


I’m not sure what the wear time might be with these nail polishes , but I’ve had mine on for two days so far and no chips to seen at the moment! With a good base and top coat, I’m hoping it’ll last a week without chips. I think the formula is supposed to have an ‘in-built’ top coat, but I always like to use my own for extra shine (Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine top coat). I’m definitely going to have to buy some more colours, I may not be able to stop myself once I start!

Have you tried L’Oreals new nail polish line? Any colours that stand out to you?

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Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~    


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