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Nails of the Day: Glitter Dipped Nails

If you have been following me for a while (and I mean a long time) you may remember that I cannot for the life of me, do nail art. I’d love to go to a nail artist one day, but until that day arrives, I go for simplicity, since badly painted nails can look oh so wrong. I saw this simple glitter idea on someone’s Instagram page (I should have saved the image so I’d remember whose it was) and thought – hey, that’s actually something I could do, easily! So what’s involved? After painting your nails, pick up a glitter polish of your choice and only lightly paint the tips of your nails. It’s not supposed to be a symmetrical design, so precision is not needed. Afterwards, it looks like your nails have been dipped into a pot of sparkle dust, or even clouds from far away. I think it looks pretty neat 🙂


The colour combination I chose, was a navy blue (OPI’s Road House Blues) together with a silver glitter (Essie’s Set In Stones). I love the effect achieved and this particular colour combination. It’s just a shame that OPI’s Road House Blues, isn’t the most long lasting OPI nail colour. OPI nail polishes usually last a week if not a little longer on my nails without chipping, but unfortunately, this colour only lasts around 4 days before small chips start to arise. I was hoping the glitter would help it stay put, but it only semi-worked. I love the colour though, hence I was willing to give it a go. Playing around with different colour combinations would also be fun!


If you know of a good, long lasting navy blue nail polish, do let me know! Let me know also, if this is a nail look that you would try out for yourself! 🙂

Until next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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