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Nails of the Day: Gilded Gold Nails

Hi beauties!

I decided to try something new with my nails this time around. I’m not usually one for nail art as I don’t have the patience and time to practise particular designs and if messy, I think it can look a little tacky. I had an idea however that I wanted to try, because I knew the design application wouldn’t be symmetrical or need any ‘perfection’ (or extraordinary skill haha). I wanted to try adding gold leaf to wet nail polish and see what would appear!


Gold leaf is super delicate so it did take a little time to tear up the gold leaf into little pieces (I used a pair of tweezers to do this – because it is sooo delicate, the leaf tears easily) without destroying it all, however it’s quite easy to pick up the technique. You can’t really use your fingers to do this, as the leaf really sticks to your finger tips. I then used a brush to pick up the teared up gold leaf pieces and placed the oddly shapped leaf pieces onto wet nail polish. Ta-da! Finished 🙂


I used OPI’s Bubble Bath (a nice subtle and neutral pink) as my base colour and polish (for the gold leaf to stick to). When applying a top coat to my nails (to ‘seal’ in the gold leaf) I did notice that the gold leaf scrunched up a little on the nail bed. It looks a little more textured in the photos than it is in real life. It is quite smooth and fine on the nail bed. Perhaps I’d like it to be a bit smoother, so I might  try and use even smaller pieces next time and less of them. What do you think of the result? I like it – but I think it could be done better, so stay tuned 😉


In case you are wondering, I didn’t use real gold leaf. You can of course use real gold leaf (which is more expensive, though if you buy it in singular sheets the price for one or two sheets isn’t very expensive) but I found imitation gold leaf at an art supply store. My packet contains 7 sheets I do believe, and I probably used like one sixth of a sheet for a single application to all of my nails. You definitely don’t need a lot of the stuff!

Once I remove this ‘design’ of mine from my nails, I might just wear Bubble Bath on it’s own for a while before trying an even finer gold leaf design. Don’t forget to sign up to my email updates (sign up via the subscription bar on the right) if you would like to keep up with new posts!

What are you wearing on your nails currently? Are you into nail art?

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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