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Nails of the Day: Fuchsia & Garden Snapshots

It’s not exactly Spring anymore when you hit two 40 degree days(I believe thats 104 fahrenheit if I’m correct) in October! So bright Summery nails it is!

I looove this fuchsia colour from Avon. Not only is it gorgeous and bright, it’s got more ‘depth’ to it thanks to blue micro glitter. You can’t see the blue shimmer on your nails, however you can see it in the bottle if you hold it on an angle.  Avon nail polishes are awesome, they dry very quickly, last a good amount of days on your nails without chipping (a good week with a base and top coat) and this colour especially is so opaque that if you were in a rush you could most definitely get away with just one coat of colour.  Oh and they are so cheap! It’s one of their permanent nailwear pro colours and goes for a mere $12.99 Aus monies.





Hope you are keeping cool and have a marvellous day! 😀

Catch ya later!

Beauty Bee~

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