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Nails of the Day: Essie’s Stylenomics

I don’t own many Essie nail polishes – I think I own a few Essie light pinks in my collection, but no colours that blew me away or that are exciting. I received this little mini polish from Adore Beauty, as part of a luxe sample pack (a gift with purchase they were running). First of all, mini nail polishes are just the CUTEST! Considering that I *almost* never finish a whole bottle of nail polish, they seem to be pretty economical also. The colour I received was Styleconomics, which looks like a super dark grey in the bottle. It was only in sunlight did I realise that it was in fact, a super dark forest green. This is a great shade for Autumn (fall) and winter.



Holding mini bottles of nail polish in photos is a little bit awkward lol You definitely need two thin coats of polish to make the colour opaque – or one thicker coat (I always do two coats as thinly as possible, for staying power). So far I have had it on my nails for 3 days, and no chips 🙂 hopefully that continues!

I haven’t been posting photos from my garden as I usually do, only because I think the blooming season has finished *sniff sniff* 🙁 however, I did find a cucumber flower! So I snapped it up for you 🙂


Have you tried Essie nail polishes? Any favourite colours you think I should check out? Let me know down below in the comments section or join me on Facebook for some monkey antics 😛

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~ 

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