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Nails of the Day: Cultured Purple

Nothing screams Spring, like pastel colours! For that reason, I could not go past this purple pastel from Avon – Cultured Purple. I love Avon’s nail polishes, and this colour is no exception! Creamy, opaque and long-lasting! I forget how much I payed for it (it’s a new-ish shade) but most of their nail polishes come in at around $10.



You can most definitely get away with painting just one coat of this nail polish because it’s very opaque, however to make your mani last longer, I always paint on two coats (each coat as thin as possible). I also always, always paint on a base coat and top coat. This particular colour isn’t as long lasting as some of Avon’s other shades, but I get 5-7 days wear out of this colour before small chips start to appear… It’s definitely worth it!

Watcha think? Are you fan of pastels in the Spring or all year round? 🙂

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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