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Nails of the Day: Confettis

I’m not a nail art kind of girl. I’m waaay to impatient and if it’s not done neatly, I think it can look tacky. I also don’t quite understand those nail stick on pattern thingos (I imagine they don’t last very long on the nail). So for me, the easiest way to cheat myself a ‘complex’ and interesting nail pattern – for when I feel like shaking things up – is glitter or confetti nail polish. I think that as long as you pick glitter or confetti polishes, which have the right colour combination and effect – they can look dazzling! Application also takes some practise – but you can pick it up pretty darn quickly – no skills required. It is a bitch to remove, but alas life is hard lol! I save the confetti or glitter polishes for when I’m bothered and really in the mood for something different. Today I present to you – my new found love, Confettis by L’Oreal (no. 916). Another polish from their Colour Riche Le Vernis range. Yes, I clearly have problems lol.


But doesn’t it look awesome?! It looks different from your regular chunky glitter polish. Cool and sophisticated white and black dots/confetti 🙂


If you paint this polish on like you would with any other regular nail polish colour, then the dots are only going to be few and far between on your nail bed. The trick is to paint on a coat (as you normally would) to act as your ‘base’ and then go back and ‘splodge’ the confetti on. You will then get concentrated confetti on your nails. I have no colour under the confetti – just my natural nail peeping through. This confetti colour is marketed as a top coat, but I still use a regular top coat to seal in the confetti. Painting on your own traditional top coat gives your nails more shine and makes them feel smoother.


The nail polish isn’t sparkly at all, so it remains a little understated (the shine off my nails in the photo above is just the light bouncing off the white confetti particles). I think since my camera isn’t extra special (I’m still saving for one beauties!) it’s a little difficult for my camera to differentiate between the confetti particles and the light.

Another reason to love this nail polish is because of the little size (just 5ml) oh so cute! Obviously it’s not a colour I will be sporting every day of the week – so a little bottle suits me just fine and will only set you back $6.95 from Priceline 🙂

I actually think that with a dark grey base colour, painting on the confetti so that there isn’t to much there, would look really nice and be extra subtle! I think that is what I will do next with this nail polish 🙂 do you have any colour suggestions for which I could pair this confetti with (without it looking manic lol)? Let me know your ideas!

So much nail polish, so little time lol!

Hope your having a marvellous weekend beauties 🙂 Catch me on Facebook if you haven’t already!


Beauty Bee~

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