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Nails of the Day: Black Diamond & Vendome Emerald

Another nail combination for you today beauties 🙂 My nail polish obsession continues and I have two L’Oreal Colour Riche Le Vernis shades for you – no. 849 which is called Vendome Emerald (which is actually more of a jade green rather than emerald) and no. 840 Black Diamond. If someone can let me know what Vendome is, I would be grateful (google translate really let me down, so I have no idea)!


Vendome Emerald is a gorgeous jade green, which goes on opaquely and oh so smoothly. Black Diamond is interesting because while the glitter particles are very fine (and yet very shiny!) the nail polish remains ‘textured’ on the nail despite applying a regular glossy top coat (in this case Sally Hansen’s Salon Manicure Ultra Wear Top Coat). I love both of these shades equally, hence the pairing, however, they would look striking on their own as well! If you are after a true emerald green, check out Green Couture (no. 612). I’m so impressed with these gel hybrid formulations that I just can’t seem to stop buying them! And the small bottles are so cute and cheerful! I’m just doomed. I might take a photo of my L’Oreal nail polish collection soon, just because I can 🙂


Speaking of gorgeous colours, a few months back I shared with you a passionfruit flower from my backyard (our passionfruit plant was growing wildly and taking over our backyard – it was like Vietnam I kid you not!). Turns out, that passionfruit flowers are just crazy! There’s so many varieties and colours it’s unbelievable! Take a look –








They remind me of Avatar if I’m honest lol Interesting flora just fascinates me and reminds me of how beautiful this world can be! And passionfruit is just delicious…

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Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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