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Nails of the Day: Avon’s Magic Effects Diamond Shatter & OPI Samoan Sands

Not long ago, I introduced you beauties to Avon’s Magic Effects Diamond Shatter top coat, which leaves little irregular shapes of holographic cellophane on your nails. It does reflect and work with the nail colour which you pair it with, so I wanted to see how it would work with a very subtle, neutral nail polish. I chose OPI’s Samoan Sands as it is one of my favourite ‘nude’ and sophisticated nail colour. As the nail colour is so subtle, I decided to paint the Magic Effects Diamond Shatter top coat onto every nail. It doesn’t leave behind way to much of the holographic shapes, so it would still be subtle. And the effect? Beeeeeautiful! It is very subtle, so it is difficult to pick up with my camera, but I love it.



The way the light reflects from the shapes is just heavenly. The photo doesn’t do it justice. This is how you do nail art the classy way 😛 You do still need to use a traditional top coat on top of the Diamond Shatter, just to get really get the most out of the gorgeous shapes.

I will mention that the Diamond Shatter is a pain in the ass to remove – but as long as you don’t overload your nails with the polish, it’s not to bad (it’s a little like removing glitter). The Magic Effects Diamond Shatter retails at $14.99 but you can usually find it on sale for around $10. As it’s from Avon, I suggest picking up a brochure from your local ‘Avon lady’ but if you prefer, you can now place an order online (or find your local representative via the website)!

Do you like this ‘nail look’? *Agh I just wish you could see the full magic effect! 😉 😛

Catch ya next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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