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My Current Under Eye Makeup Routine – Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector, IT Cosmetics Bye

I’ve never made a secret out of the fact that my under eye circles bother me. A lot! So finding a series of products, which work together in sync, to cover them and not make my under eye area worse, is actually quite hard because each product is from a different brand and has different goals/purpose. So I wanted to present the products that are working for me at the moment and include some reviews! 🙂


The first product, which is very very important in regards to makeup application, is eye cream. You need to find a light but hydrating eye cream that will sit well under your makeup. Otherwise, your concealer will settle into fine lines and your skin will slowly become dehydrated and flaky (causing more fine lines and wrinkles!). My current pick is Tatcha’s Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum. I won’t review this product for you today – because I think it deserve’s it’s own post, which will be coming soon 😉 – but this eye cream is the bomb diggity and brightens the eye area at the same time!

The second product which is important for anyone who suffers from dark under eye circles is corrector. I have been using Becca’s Under Eye Brightening Corrector, which is different in that it is very pearly, with only a hint of peach undertone (which counteracts purple and blue under eye circles). The pearl is meant to reflect light, also minimising darkness. This corrector is very easy to use in comparison to other correctors which can be thick (layering products over the top of correctors can turn into a cakey mess very quickly) and very dark in colour (meaning you need a very high coverage concealer, which is easy to over-do). The brightening corrector is much more user friendly because it’s quite thin, emollient (easy to spread) and light in colour. Here’s the catch though.. if you have deep ‘tear troughs’ (I much prefer the Polish name for this, which sounds more poetic – ‘valley of tears’ :P) ‘highlighting’ this deep indentation isn’t the best, even though it does counteract dark pigments in the skin. I have still been using it because I think it’s a lovely base for my concealer, but it means that you need to use a very matt powder over the top of your concealer, so that the eye area ‘flattens out’ a little. This corrector is best for those with lighter under eye circles and those who don’t have deep set eyes. Becca has also released a new series of correctors which aren’t pearly and I’m dying to try out the peach/orange and red shade (yes red!) so once I get my hands on those, I will review them for you asap 🙂 Hopefully they have the same texture as this corrector, because it is lovely and works so so well.





Above: Becca’s Under Eye Brightening Corrector 


Above: Becca’s Under Eye Brightening Corrector blended out into the skin. You can see that the peach in the corrector isn’t very strong, yet the reflective pearl is still very brightening.

After my corrector base, I move onto concealer! My pick of the moment is the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, which is meant to be waterproof and full coverage. I can concur that it is indeed full coverage and covers probably about 80% of dark circles (I haven’t found anything which covers my dark circles more and is appropriate for the under eye area) and isn’t to tricky to use.


Above: Unfortunately the writing on the IT Cosmetics concealer rubs off, which makes the packaging look a little ‘rough’.

There are three colours available in Aus (a bit limited colour wise unfortunately) and I have the lightest two shades – light and neutral medium. Neutral medium is perfect for my skin tone in the summer, but in winter I need to mix it with a hint of light (which is way to light for me to use on it’s own – but I like that it isn’t to pink, which makes it more versatile). The texture of this concealer is tacky – so it is a little thick and a little sticky. It’s not super thick, which is why they’ve also put it into a tube. This guy won’t crease or look cakey (which happens to a lot of high coverage concealers!) as long as you use it sparingly under the eye area.


I can’t say that this concealer is super moisturising or that it has strengthened my under eye area, but it definitely isn’t as drying as some other formulations out there (I would say the the Collection 2000 concealer is dryer looking once it ‘sets’). The most important factor of this concealer, is that it doesn’t make the under eye area look worse texture wise whilst hiding darkness (dry and crinkly skin is not appealing!) but indeed makes it look better and makes me look overall more rested and bright eyed! I haven’t truly tested it’s waterproof capabilities, but it’s very long lasting. I’m not sure that I would use this concealer on blemishes even though IT Cosmetics say you can because of it’s thicker, sticker texture (it would work on scars however). IT Cosmetics is only available at Sephora in Australia and unfortunately it is still not available via their online store (Sephora annoys me greatly in regards to how they limit and treat their customers, but that’s a story for another day). Hopefully it’s available online soon, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. If you don’t live close by to a Sephora store in Aus, you can buy it online from Beautylish in the US (and it probably works out to be a touch cheaper this way, because I think at Sephora it cost me about $35 AUD?) and they are showing four shades in total, so if you have a darker skin tone – you may be in luck!

The next and final product in my under eye makeup routine is powder. Powder is essential for setting your products/layers of makeup in place, so they last all day. Because I have deep tear troughs, I also want a matt powder, to help ‘flatten out’ the indentation under my eyes. I only just recently thought about using a yellow powder under the eyes, to also help counteract darkness. Turns out, that this cheap as chips Banana Powder by Australis, is perfect for this! It’s fine enough to use under the eyes (if a powder isn’t fine enough, it will make the under eye area look dry) and is subtly yellow, whilst being matte. I have a yellow powder in my Anastasia Beverly Hills Contouring Palette, but that powder seems to be harder to pick up with a brush compared to the Australis Banana Powder (which is also pressed). I was using Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder under the eyes, but it’s a little to ‘brightening’ for my liking, drawing to much attention to my under eye area when I want to ‘camouflage’ this part of my face most of all.




Above: Swatches of IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye in the shades Light and Neutral Medium, plus a swatch of Australis Banana Powder.

I may still be on the look out for a loose under eye powder (matte) just because loose powders tend to be a little finer milled. I am more than happy however, to keep using the Banana Powder as it’s working very well for me at the moment, without imparting and overly yellow tone to my skin. Win!

These four products work superbly together, so I hope this has perhaps given you some ideas if you are looking to tweak your under eye makeup routine (especially if you are looking for products which give your more covergae)! Let me know what under eye products you love and if you have tried any of the products mentioned above! 😀

Catch ya next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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