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Muri Muri Beauty: Brushes 1, 2 and 3 💋🎨🖌

Every artist or makeup lover will know that one good brush is worth more than 1000 bad brushes combined! A good artist can make-do with crappy brushes and still create something quite lovely, but with a good brush, a masterpiece is at the tip of your fingers 😉🎨 Once you start using better brushes, you can’t go back… that’s why when I saw that a new Polish brand had released handcrafted Japanese makeup brushes, I had to support them and try them out! So let me introduce you to Muri Muri Beauty and their ‘baby’ brushes, One, Two & Three 💝

Muri 無理 – unachievableMuri Muri aims to achieve the impossible. We created make-up brushes where thousands of years of traditional Japanese brush-making mastery meets the highest expectations of the most demanding contemporary make-up artists. Muri Muri was founded by Adrian Swiderski, a world class make- up artist working with Vogue, Haarper’s Bazar, top celebrities and tv. Every detail has been carefully designed in order to ensure these tools feel like magic wands in your hands.Muri Muri was created and designed in London and hand made in Japan in a small family-owned business, with hundreds of years of experience in brush making.

Firstly, I LOVE the look and feel of the brushes. The sleek and uniform black colour of the brushes and bristles, looks seriously professional and high quality. The Muri Muri brushes remind me first off of Wayne Goss brushes, because they share the same black, seamless handles. But they are also a little different 😉 For example, Wayne’s brush handles might be black, but the bristles on his brushes are generally white. Muri Muri brushes have very discreet almost hidden markings – both the brush numbers and brand name are embossed on the handles of each brush but they don’t stand out very much. The font and colour of the embossing is  silver and very small. Everything is streamlined 😊

The handle length of all brushes is quite ‘standard’, 14cm or so. They are made from some sort of metal and have a nice weight to them (nothing out of the ordinary here). I like that they started out with producing a small line of brushes. It means they’ve given each brush the attention it deserves when it comes to designing and manufacturing the brush. There isn’t anywhere to hide when you make three brushes. So what about the individual characteristics of each brush?

Brush One

Brush number One looks at the eyes. Made from Pony hair (I’m sure that no ponies were hurt in the process!) it’s an eye crease definer brush and despite being tapered at the very tip of the brush, it’s incredibly soft and gives a diffused finished.It still has a ’rounded tip’ which means it doesn’t have two or three bristles at the very end which cause an extremely fine/harsh line. Because of it’s softness it can do a lot; draw thin lines, thicker lines (with a but more pressure so the bristles contract into a smaller space), blend, blur, cut, divide etc. etc.! I have to admit that out of the three brushes, I was least excited about this one. I have nothing against definer crease brushes, I just don’t reach for them that often. This brush should change that though 😊 I’ve used it a few times now and I do really like it. It’s uber soft and not scratchy one bit! I used it for the below eye makeup, where I wanted a defined yet slightly blurred line that extended past the outer corner of the eye. I think the effect it gave was great (and I’m no pro! 😜).

I‘m a bit shiny tho lol!

Brush Two 

Brush two is made from weasel hair and is perfect for using alongside liquid products – in particular foundations. I was super excited for this brush. Why? I haven’t used a foundation brush in agggggges. The only type of foundation brush I’ve ever used is a dense buffing brush, which is suited towards thicker and creamier products. Brush number two is very different  from a buffing brush: it’s much more reminiscent of those traditional paddle/tongue shaped foundation brushes that are slightly pointed at the tip (and hence resemble a tongue shape lol…). I thought it would be thicker and denser, but it’s quite slim and as you can see, has very short bristles. This makes this brush unique, which is cool!

I profess that my go to tool for applying foundation is either my fingers or a damp sponge, but my hands usually win out then not. I was still excited to try this brush because it does seem a little retro to me 😂 And seriously, when I use it, I feel so ‘grown up’! Perhaps that’s a silly connotation but it’s true. Maybe because when I was a kid and teenager, foundation brushes were all the rage! So how do I find it works for applying foundation? I really like the shorter bristles on this one. It means you need to use ‘shorter strokes’ to both move the foundation around on your face and blend it in. This minimises the possibility of streaks. Even if I get a few streaks here and there, the foundation usually settles and they disappear from sight in a few moments. Like with every tool, it may not work brilliantly with every single foundation out there because of it’s formulation but it is a really comfortable way to apply liquid products. I personally haven’t had it ‘not work’ with a particular foundation of mine. You could very easily use it to apply liquid highlighter too or powder products if you so wish! It’s up to you 😊 The number two brush is also the softest brush out of the three. It really does feel like it just glides over your skin – SO luxurious and relaxing! 🌟

Brush Three

Brush three is a large rounded powder brush made from goat hair. It’s not SUPER large, I’d say the brush head is about the size of a 50 cent coin (I know that’s probably only a helpful reference for Australian beauties, but it’s the only relevant shape that popped into my head lol!). I like this because it means I can apply powder to where I want on my face and still control the product application. It also has a slightly rounded ‘top’ so the brush isn’t flat in the very centre of the brush head.

It’s probably not as soft as I imagined it to be but please don’t get me wrong, it’s not scratchy at all – I’d give it an 8 out of 10 for softness (10 being the softest of all, walking on air type of stuff!) and that’s probably because it is made from natural bristles. Natural bristles and different types of hair all differ in their characteristics after all. I also imagine that the brush has been designed this way so it picks up more product. This is just a hypothesis on my end, but my thinking is that a ‘too soft’ brush might have difficultly picking up powder products where the particles are tiny and soft themselves. The foundation Brush number Two would be a 9 and a half on my scale of softness and Brush One also an 8 ☁️☁️☁️

Brush three picks up powder products wonderfully, whether it’s a pressed powder which is a little more ‘harder’ and set in the pan, or a loose powder. You can use it to buff powder products into the skin or to just lightly set your makeup.

Above: Brush Three with some product on! A light dusting of powder 😊

The brushes are hand crafted in Japan and Muri Muri Beauty recommend that you wash the brushes a few times when they arrive new, in order to get rid of any floating bristles (especially when it comes to Brush Three). I didn’t notice any fall out at all, so I’d be surprised if you did! Being hand crafted and all, they are premium brushes that comes with a premium price tag. The set of three costs 500 Polish Zloty. Currently, that’s about $185 Australian dollars. Divided by three that’s $61 per brush. The prices are probably quite comparable to Wayne Goss’ brushes or Japanese Hakuhodo brushes (very well known brushes that are regarded to be ‘at the top’ of the quality and price spectrum!). Whether you think it’s worth spending so much on brushes is a personal decision. I think the brushes are worth their price and I like that they are hand crafted by a family run business in Japan. And I won’t lie, supporting a small and new Polish brand (I have a Polish background) also makes me happy at the same time!

Something a little frustrating is that the official Muri Muri Beauty website doesn’t give you a lot of product/brush information. Unless you are in the UK or Poland, you can’t order from the site directly, which is fine, but I don’t quite understand why you can’t read up on the brushes even if you can’t order them 🤷🏼‍♀️There’s a tonne more product information via their Instagram page. I think they should look at expanding the website asap. So how did I order them? Easy! I sent them an email and payed for the set of three brushes (500zl) via PayPal 😊 They are very receptive and accomodating. Sending them an email in English also isn’t a problem. I did have to wait a few weeks for all the brushes to be in stock, but it was worth it 😅 The brushes were sent from Poland via airmail and I received within two weeks! 📦 Postage was only 50zl, about $18 Australian dollars – super cheap! I suppose the brushes aren’t heavy lol The brushes were secured in little padded boxes and the boxes were in a bubble lined sleeve. They were beautifully packaged by the way, so you could easily gift these to someone and not have to worry about wrapping them yourself! Every little detail was looked after and the parcel even smelt good lol fancy!

That’s it Beauties! I hope you enjoyed this review of a up and coming brand, from far across the Seas 🌊🚢💕 Let me know what the most expensive brush is that you’ve purchased and if you regret it or not! 😂🐝

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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