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More New Goodies & Some Winnings

I have a few more new goodies to show you beauties, including a some lip products which I won 🙂 I have some good luck when it comes to competitions but a lot of it stems from the fact that I enter a lot of competitions through Facebook. If you want to see what competitions I am entering via Facebook, then check out my Facebook page here as I always share the competition links 🙂

I won two lip glosses from Bourjois from their Effect 3D line. I’m not a huge fan of lip glosses – I don’t mind the texture or shine, but often I find that the products are mostly un-pigmented, overly sparkly and tacky. These don’t impress me that much either… The silver shimmer is quite obvious and chunky and the pink shade is barely visible on the lips while the brown shade is exactly that – brown, so not very wearable in my case.




The swatches above are applied very thickly so that you can see the colour of the glosses. A light thin layer of the pink colour (#20) is barely visible on the lips once applied, while the brown bronze shade (#02) remains quite dark on the lips which for my skin tone doesn’t work for me at all unfortunately. 

The third lip product which I won was from Rimmel, their Moisture Renew Lipstick in #310 Fuchsia. I love fuchsia lipsticks, but if they aren’t in the right tone or texture – they can look tacky (this can be subjective of course). This actual shade reminds me of Nar’s Pure Matte lipstick in Carthage – a very cool almost blue toned pink. The Matte texture of Nar’s Carthage makes it look a little bit more modern while because of the strong sheen in Rimmel’s formula, I find the lipstick just draws even more attention to my lips and not in the best way. I know that may sound like an oxymoron, why would you wear such a loud shade if you don’t want attention drawn to that part of your face – however I think everything needs to be balanced in regards to colour and texture (though sometimes the opposite works for a particular look). I prefer darker warmer fuchsias, while this one is a little to cool for my liking. I’m not even totally comfortable wearing Carthage just yet, but I’m more comfortable with the matte texture of Carthage, so I’m not sure I will get much use out of this lipstick. It’s not a very long lasting lipstick but it does feel very nice on the lips.




It is a shame when you win goodies which aren’t totally to your liking but alas!

Moving on to nail goodies (I know I know!) I’m very excited about trying these newbies 🙂


Im discovering a few more Essie nail polishes since I loved my Essie Luxeffects nail polish in Stroke of Brilliance, so I’m excited to try Set In Stones (on the left above) and Borrowed & Blue (on the right above). I’m hoping these colours remind me of Europe’s winter snow since we don’t get snow here in Aus 🙂 And now for my favourite nail polish formula, L’Oreal’s Colour Riche Le Vernis!


From left to right we have: #840 Black Diamond, #849 Vendome Emerald, #842 Sequin Explosion, #607 Rue Montmarte

The last goodie I have to show you is actually my mum’s, but I loved the packaging so much I had to show you! It’s Avon’sTrue Colour Over Nature Makeup-Palette in OP002 Tropical Desert. The eyeshadows are nice (quite shimmery) but not to intensely pigmented (probably a good thing if mums or gals aren’t into super bright shadows and don’t want to make a bad mistake by going ott).



I’m not sure what my mum paid for the Avon palette as she bought it along with some other goodies alongside a promotion, but if you are interested I will do some investigating! I think they are also doing lipsticks in similar gorgeous floral casing, so that’s worth checking out in the next brochure!

And just to add some cuteness in your day – the cutest guinea pig in the world 🙂


Well that’s all folks (for today 😛 ) so until next time,

Beauty Bee~

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