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Makeup Tip; How to Make Your Makeup Base Look SEAMLESS!

I love base makeup ❤️ That’s foundation, concealer and powders (face powder, bronzer and blush). Nothing gives me more confidence than a flawless complexion that looks radiant and healthy 🌟 What we all want, is for our makeup to look unified and seamless. All the products applied to your face should work together in harmony. There shouldn’t be any lines or obvious blending (e.g. where your bronzer suddenly ends and blush). I think the trick of most makeup artists is to blend, blend and blend. But how exactly? If you apply bronzer, either to contour your face or to give it warmth, do you use the same brush to blend the product out? And where and when do you stop? Well let me tell you Beauties! 😌

The Secret to Blending….

When you’ve finished applying your base makeup (foundation, face powder, powder bronzer, powder highlighter and powder blush) grab a big fluffy face brush. It can be the same brush that was used to apply your all over setting or finishing powder (or make it a totally clean powder brush). The brush should be big and very soft. Grab the brush and in large circular motions go over the areas you applied bronzer/contour, blush and highlighter too. Use the brush as if you are ‘buffing in’ the products already applied, into your skin. Don’t worry – the products won’t migrate all over your face, instead, the clean powder brush will ‘diffuse’ everything you’ve applied, making it look seamless and expertly blended! You don’t need to be careful or precise, blend everything as if you are trying to ‘set your face’ ha!

You won’t need a lot of time to do this ‘trick’ or step – all you need is 30 seconds! Unless you’ve over applied a product like bronzer or powder. In the case of over application, spend a little more time buffing your skin and use just a touch of extra loose powder.

After your blending step, if you need just a touch more powder highlighter or blush, pop a little extra on (using the brushes you used originally to apply blush, bronzer or highlighter). The products already blended on your face will frame any additional blush, highlight or bronzer beautifully.

Whenever I use this trick (which is whenever I do my makeup now) I’m always amazed at the difference it makes. Everything looks unified and it can bring your whole look together. Unless you’re an Instagram star, your base makeup should be almost undetectable, making way for a glorious bright lip, a dramatic eye or just simply; you! 

The trick will also help your makeup to last longer, because you’ve ‘pressed’ (or buffed) the products into your skin and foundation. The different layers of products should well and truely be ‘one’ after this step.

Above; I think my base makeup looks pretty seamless in the photo above, if I say so myself! I applied bronzer as a contour and a powder highlight. 

I think this makeup technique is very modern – Instagram makeup (where every product is applied with a heavy hand and is obvious) is quite old school… The contouring faze that started a few years ago and the heavy, perfected brows are techniques taken from drag makeup. In drag makeup you want the products applied to your face to be obvious, because you are looking to change the shape of your face (minimalism won’t achieve this! And you are trying to ‘fake’ a different bone structure, using makeup as an illusion). This blending technique is the opposite of that, because the aim is to get your base makeup looking like your ‘real skin’.

I love it this little trick ✌️💕 It honestly adds only 30 seconds on top of my makeup routine and I think the results look far more impressive than the effort it takes to actually achieve it 😉 Especially for those of us who are not makeup artists (myself included!). This trick will work with cream products also, but only if you set the cream products with corresponding powder products (e.g. if you apply a cream bronzer, you’ll need to set it with a powder bronzer).

Let me know if you end up trying this trick and let me know what you think ☺️ I think other people (makeup enthusiasts and Beauties lol!) will ask you if you had your makeup done by Lisa Eldridge 😅 Just sayin’! 💁🏼‍♀️😇🥰🥰

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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