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MAC’s Lady D.

So my very orange adventure continues with the discovery (albeit a little late 😉 ) of MAC’s famous lipstick Lady Danger. I would have never dreamed of wearing this shade a few months ago. But now, I’m just doing whatever the hell I want lol You can definitely wear any colour you want, its just about finding the right tone! The paler the shade, the more cautious I am that it will wash me out. It’s a double edged sword though, because I have quite neutral undertones and yet very warm tones are also a no go also. So that middle ground is what I am after.. MAC’s Lady Danger is definitely more red than orange but with a definite orange undertone (it can sound like we are going around in circles sometimes lol) which is on the cooler side no doubt. Maybe that addition of the orange warms it up ever so slightly? I usually wouldn’t wear this type of cool red for the fear of it washing me out.. but I think I’m doing ok with Lady D 🙂 She’s got my back 😉




Above: I’m wearing L’Oreal’s Spicy Orange on my nails. Review here.

Lady Danger is a matte lipstick but it isn’t horribly drying and it doesn’t look dry and chalky on the lips (erm, that wouldn’t be so attractive). It also lasts longer on the lips than say the Hourglass Opaque Rouge lipstick in Muse, which tends to wear and disappear from the centre of your lips after eating or drinking. I happily sipped on my tea today and had lunch without it impacting greatly on the lipstick – hurrah! There was a little transfer onto my tea cup, glass etc but it stayed minimal.

I wore a little more eyeshadow than in the previous look I did for the Hourglass Opaque Rouge lipstick in Muse (I didn’t wear any ‘noticeable’ shadow for that look – it was focused solely on the lashes for framing the eyes). This time I used 3 matte brown eyeshadows in the crease of my eye. This adds more definition and brings more warmth onto your face without heaviness. I lined the outer corners of my eyes with a dark matte brown shadow and that was it. It’s all about blending, blending blending! Your makeup can become ‘heavy’ and harsh very quickly, if you add heavy black liner or shimmery shadows (if your doing a pin up makeup look – then that’s a different category all together!) as they will compete with your lips (and in the battle, you may get sporked in the eye by your lips – you have been warned.)


Above: Love heart swatches of Lady Danger.


Above: The swatch on the left is Hourglass Opaque Rouge lipstick in Muse and on the right we have MAC’s Lady Danger. Muse tends to look a little glossy at first, but mattifies down as it is worn. Lady D. is very matte but still vibrant! 

MAC lipsticks cost $36 schmackos in Australia. You can find them at MAC counters and online here. 

I’m loving this lil’ kick ass tune by Estelle ft. Janelle Monae called Do My Thing. I think it could easily be Lady D.’s theme song 😛


OH – I also recently bought these gorgeous little earrings from Swarovski and I still haven’t worn them… I’m not sure that they would go with the makeup look above? Let me know what you think! 😀 The colour of the crystal changes slightly depending on how much light there is.



Are you tempted by MAC’s Lady D? Do you perhaps own it already?

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Catch ya next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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