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Lucky Beauty Bee! Hair Care by Davines

I’ve been a very lucky Beauty Bee this past week! I won a gorgeous hair care pack from Davines Australia (they are however, an Italian brand). I won it via their facebook page. A few weeks ago, I actually posted a picture on the blog from Davines as inspiration as I thought it was just beautiful! I lamented how I wanted to try their products as they not only looked great but also sounded great and here we are, a pack in my lap!

I will most definitely do a review and let you know how I am finding the products once I have tried them. Make sure you join my facebook page also, not only to say hi but I also always post up links to my favourite beauty brands and the competitions they are currently running via facebook. So we should be able to stay in touch, have some fun and maybe win a goodie or two 🙂

The products I won are from Davines Naturaltech line and this is what the look like!


As you can see there’s a shampoo, conditioner, hair building pak (which I think is like a mask) and a leave in treatment! The packaging is awesome. On the shampoo and leave in treatment there’s people cutting down wheat I think, on the conditioner there’s scarecrows and on the pak there’s horses lol Genius!

I just wanted to give you a peak at my goodies but I’ll be back soon with a review and more! Have you tried Davines hair care before?

Catch ya later beauty bees… bzzz!

Beauty Bee~

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