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Love from Me to Me 🌹💛🐝

I was planning on doing this post last week so I could post it in preparation for Valentines day, but that didn’t happen… I had a cycle of headaches that wouldn’t go away, which made me exhausted. After they finally subsided, I was emotionally drained which makes me physically tired too 😩😢😢 It has not been a good two weeks or so… I still wanted to do this post though, because I need these ‘pick me ups’ more than ever!  I’d say that the following post contains products and tips to instantly make you feel a little better about yourself and the world. I hope it provides you with some good ideas and reminds you to take care of yourself! 💛🐝

Take a Shower or Bath and then Smother Yourself with a Body Cream!

When I am tired or exhausted, I sometimes forget about this…. I would much rather hide away from the world and if I hide I’m not meeting anyone, so why do I need to wash up? My pets accept me as I am LOL! That is exactly my thought process…. 🙄 I do know however, that after a shower or bath I feel SO much better! It’s like your soul is refreshed 🛁🚿  Do this whether you are going out somewhere or not! If you want to make it a treat, take a salt bath or give yourself a scrub from head to toe. Afterwards, slather yourself with a body cream! Warm water can dehydrate your skin and so many Beauties skip this step. If it’s not something you do every single time you step out of the shower, it will make you feel extra special when you do! My current pick is L’Occitane’s Refining Concentrate. I think this is the ‘newish’ version of the Milk Concentrate (but I could be wrong – I can only find the ‘milk concentrate’ online, so maybe they renamed it but then went back to the original name… confusing). It has a gel-cream texture which just melts into your skin. It leaves skin super hydrated and soft but never greasy. It is quite floral (like the rest of the L’Occitane’s Almond line) and contains almond oil and proteins. If you are after something a little cheaper, Nivea’s Rose & Argan Oil ‘Oil in Lotion’ is fabulous also 🥰

MAC Strobe Cream

If you have to go out but you can’t be bothered putting on makeup MAC Strobe Cream is brilliant at giving your skin a glow with very, very minimal effort! It’s a light moisturiser but I wouldn’t use this as my only moisturiser unless you have very oily skin (or are young and can get away with it). Worn on it’s own  it gives skin a sheen and brightness but it’s not OTT 🌟 It really is beautiful… the peals contained within strobe cream are fine enough that you don’t look like ‘you’ve tried really hard but it hasn’t worked out’ 😜. You just look like you are awake, healthy and ready to go! Underneath a sheer to medium foundation (or a tinted moisturiser/BB cream) it also shines through just slightly enough to make your skin look ‘expensive’ (as if you’ve just had a facial). You can of course also dab it on top of foundation as a highlighter. There’s a few colour versions now – I have Redlite, which I bought because I thought it was the ‘original’ Strobe Cream. It turns out that I was wrong and Pinklite is the original… Pink is great at brightening sallow and yellow skin tones,  but choose whatever works for you.

Bright Lipstick

If you are going out or even if you’re not and you need more of a boost with minimal effort… nothing will make you feel as sophisticated or ‘put together’ like lipstick! On a bare face that’s plump and hydrated thanks to moisturiser (and maybe some secret Strobe Cream? 😉) it looks FABULOUS! Again, because you aren’t trying too hard, you can’t ever go wrong with minimalistic makeup (that’s chosen right!)… Bright lipstick will take away the attention from everywhere else, especially if you get very tired looking eyes like me. The only exception from this rule is maybe for those Beauties who struggle with rosacea. If that’s you, I would recommend a little tinted moisturiser or sheer foundation. If I am down and I don’t want to do anything, I can usually convince myself to do lipstick when heading out the door💄🥰

My current picks in regards to bright lipsticks are reds and bright pinks (it was Valentines day after all and I like to pretend I’m romantic lol…). I have a glossy but saturated pink lipstick from Shu Uemura in PK 365. I LOVE this shade because it’s a medium toned pink with cool undertones that’s super bright but not a fuchsia. This combination is actually hard to find…  In regards to reds, there are SO many options that  you can take your pick, but here I’ve got MAC’s Russian Red. A matte red is a classic for sure! I would go more of a satin or glossy red if your skin is feeling dry (which can happen when you’re sick for example). Or pop some lipgloss or lip balm over the top of your matte red 😊🌹

Bright Blush

Again, this is only if you are bothered and are going out perhaps. In these instances my mantra is; hydrated glowing skin, bright lips and bright cheeks! I chose a Guerlain bright pink blush because again it brightens the complexion and is youthful. The Guerlain pink blush was limited edition, but any rosy pink will do – Bourjois do some great ones! It’s important to bring colour into your world when you are down. It might not seem like it does a lot (or anything…) but emotions are triggered by colour, even if it’s subconscious. The way people respond to you will also change dramatically – I definitely see a difference when wearing bright colours as opposed to grey and black. People smile at me more and I guess you are seen as being more ‘approachable’. Sometimes that a very good thing when you don’t want to make the first move 😉


Scents can have a massive effect on our mood. Perfume for example, can take an ordinary day and make it special. A scent sprayed or applied to your skin is quite an intimate thing, so I really recommend that you treat yourself to a perfume that takes you away somewhere special… at least secretly to anywhere you want to be 😊 Going on with the romance theme of this month, I LOVE Kai’s Rose roll-on Perfume Oil. Fresh but romantic! The original, Kai Perfume Oil is more tropical and intense but I love it too 🥰❤️ My other sorta recent discovery is perfumed hair mists. Kinda secret and probably most noticeable to your loved one, they are a super luxe treat without the cost of a regular perfume. My current love in this category is the Diptyque Ea Rose Hair Mist 🌹🌜💫

Aromatherapy & Candles

Another way to bring scent into your world is through candles and aromatherapy. I recently did a post on how to get a good nights sleep and talk about aromatherapy extensively there, but if you are looking for another way to treat yourself and make your home a little sanctuary, getting a candle which you absolutely adore the scent of is a brilliant idea! Diptyque’s Centifolia candle is picture above and you can read the whole review here if rose scents are your thing!


If I don’t want to go out and be all ‘cheery’ (even if faking it, because that can be exhausting in itself) I love staying home and listening to some nostalgic music 😊 My usual pick is anything from the Corrs to Dido! I’m a tragic 90s fan when it comes to music…

How can you not take inspiration from that 90s makeup?!? 😍

TV Series or a Movie

The other option is to curl up at home with a good series or movie! It needs to be heartwarming but not sickly sweet and idealistic either. For me Netflix’s ‘Anne with an E’ has been a God send! Not only does it take me back to watching and reading the classic book series as a child, but they’ve done SUCH a brilliant job with the remake, it’ll make you laugh and cry at the same time. There’s definitely something about seeing your emotions played out on screen that is soothing. It makes you feel not alone. It can also put some of your problems in perspective. Make sure you remember to eat also. Watch some Netflix with some dinner, even if you have to order it in…

Funnily enough, the Anne with an E theme song comes from the band ‘the Tragically Hip’, titled Ahead by a Century – Trouble at the Henhouse, recorded in the 90s (1996 perhaps?). Amazing!

I hope this post has given you some inspiration Beauties. It’s not perhaps what I intended it to be in the beginning, but I hope it’s some inspiration with a romantic undertone 😉❤️💄💋 Let me know what helps ‘pick you up’ on down days… or days where you are too tired to think! I found this self-care poster made by MLstudies and will be printing it out for myself. It’s such good advice!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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