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La Mer, the Powder

I still can’t believe I bought this powder lol It’s so bloody expensive, one could easily agree that it is nuts to do so. But I did, and here we are 🙂 Thank GOODNESS I don’t regret it, I actually love it, so I feel a little vindicated should I feel guilty 😉 In my mind, La Mer is an ultra luxe brand that is suited towards mature, dry skin types (and those with a lot of money to spare haha). I don’t know if the prices are always justified (probably not) but when they started to release makeup, the products were ‘cheaper’ and more attainable. I guess it’s that concept where you might not be able to afford a Chanel jacket, but you can afford a Chanel lipstick (even if you need to save some pennies towards it). Powder is usually a nemesis of mature or dry skin, because it can dry out skin further, gather in lines and highlight any texture on the skin (or hair – when sales assistants in department stores have so much makeup on that their facial hair is highlighted, I can’t help but shudder) so I figured that this powder would be as light as possible and potentially hydrating… those were my hopes anyway and they were met to a degree 🙂

La Mer creates luxury, high-performance skin care and makeup by harnessing the power of the sea. In the 1960s, aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber set out to help heal the appearance of scars he suffered in a lab accident. Pioneering the use of sea kelp and bio-fermentation in skin care, he created Miracle Broth™—the elixir that powers the legendary Crème de la Mer.

It turns out that the loose powder is in fact ULTRA light. Light as a feather… This make a lot of sense when you think about what mature skins needs, but this is also a good thing for all other skin types and ages! It comes in one ‘universal’ shade (translucent) and it doesn’t provide any coverage as a result. I’m not sure if it would look ashy on darker skin tones, but on me, it is pretty invisible. It is hands down the lightest powder I have ever used. I use the tiniest amount at any one time (every particle is money after all lol!) and it just gives the skin some natural radiance – it diffuses the light if you will. There is the finest shimmer in the powder, but it’s invisible on the skin. It mattifies the skin a little and sets foundation well. I first heard about the powder and considered buying it when Maxineczka (a Polish Youtube MUA I trust with my life and product purchases) showed it on her channel. She uses it primarily under the eyes to set concealer, and I can see why. It’s not to heavy for the delicate and thin skin around the eyes and it has that ‘blurring’ effect, making dull dark circles look less apparent. It’s a very natural effect though, that isn’t very noticeable on camera or in photos,  but is noticeable in person. It is a touch like the Guerlain Meteorites actually, but Meteorites (depending on which version you have) powder isn’t quite as fine and can be a little bit more shimmery.

The powder arrives in a very heavy, frosted glass jar. Beautiful, and beauty doesn’t always mean convenience – ha! You get 8g of powder, which doesn’t sound like much at all… Or anything…. I did a little research and you generally get 10g of loose powder in a pot, so in that respect, it’s just a touch less than ‘normal’. Oh and you get a little powder puff 😉 The ingredients do contain some moisturising or ‘anti-ageing’ properties (algae/seaweed extract, sesame seed oil & powder, sweet almond seed meal, eucalyptus leaf oil, silicone, niacin, sunflower seed cake (?!) ), again, making it suitable for mature skin types and a bonus for everyone else, but do remember that the point on this powder is for it to sit on top of the skin (and other products already applied to the face) so it probably does nil when it comes to soothing or repairing the skin. Perhaps the skincare like ingredients make it adhere to the skin more naturally and as a result, it also doesn’t accentuate dryness *shrugs* that’s my guess anyhoo!

Above: a heavy swatch of La Mer’s, ‘the Powder’.

It’s a gorgeous powder and I can’t lie and say it’s not… I do think it will last me a long time, because I’m very light handed with it and don’t use it every day. I don’t know if I’ll repurchase it for sure, because a dupe for it has to exist out there in the universe (Maxineczka has actually mentioned the Estee Lauders loose translucent powder, but only the translucent version, also has a similar blurring effect, which is lovely on the skin) which I will try and find. Are you ready to hear how much you have to spend here in Aus to get this baby? $175. Yep. You can find it either at Mecca or David Jones. And at least you will get free shipping paying that much LOL! La Mer has just released a pressed a pressed version of the powder, which Paris mentioned (on Instagram) isn’t quite as fine as the loose version. To me, maybe this is one of the reasons the loose powder is so gorgeous. It is appealing because you just can’t travel with the loose powder (you could kill someone with that jar if you threw it) but on the other hand, I don’t touch up my powder during the day (I just use blotting papers if I get a bit oily or shiny, so Im not adding more product to the skin). So you can see that I am trying to resist the urge of buying it lol

So tell me Beauties, are you tempted? Have you tried any other makeup products from La Mer? The brushes look gorgeous too… let me know and fingers crossed I don’t buy anything else from the range so I don’t go into debt 😀

Catch ya next time Beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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