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Is Your Skin Super Itchy After Shaving? Then You Need This Product! L’Occitane Ultra Rich Body

If your legs become super itchy and dry after shaving – you need this product! Shaving exfoliates the skin on your legs, leaving them quite dry (the skin on your legs doesn’t contain many lipids to begin with) – hence the itchiness. I use an Intuition razor when shaving (the blade is surrounded by a moisturizing block, which makes shaving a breeze and doesn’t irritate the skin). While it doesn’t cause any irritation/redness or cuts, I still need to moisturise ASAP or my skin feels super itchy! To put moisture back into your skin, you need a rich balm or body cream. L’Occitane’s Ultra Rich Body Cream contains 25% shea butter, so it is suuuper rich and delicious!


The Ultra Rich Body Cream also contains linseed, glycerin, apricot oil, sunflower oil, honey, sweet almond extract and marshmallow. All of these ingredients work to restore the hydrolipidic barrier on your skin. The packaging states that it is perfect for dry and dehydrated skin. What I love about the cream is that it feels instantly soothing and relieves that scratchy discomfort you get from seriously dry skin (which feels like it’s ‘cracking’ like the earth in the Sahara). Because it is rich and has the texture of a body butter, it will sit on top of your skin. It’s not suuuper greasy though, but it may feel a little to much for morning use. Applying it before bed is perfect, because in the morning your skin will be softened, without any residue.


As pure shea butter turns solid at room temperature (kinda like coconut oil!) it is pretty awesome that this cream, while so rich in shea butter, still stays ‘whipped’, smooth and creamy. I will note however, that with any very rich creams or body butters, they do have the tendency to ‘ball up’ on your skin and flake away a little, if applied to very dry skin which hasn’t been exfoliated previously. For this reason, this rich cream is perfect post-shaving, because it will just melt into your skin. I usually use it on the lower half of my legs and all over if I’m feeling super dry (i.e. a few days after being in the sun for to long!). It would be a great cream to use on your feet also (especially after giving your feet a good ol’ scrubbing!).


If you’re familiar with L’Occitane’s hand creams, then this body butter has the same scent (as the hand creams main ingredient is also shea butter). If your not familiar with it, then it’s a creamy, powdery scent (worst description ever? lol!). To me it’s almost a little reminiscent of sunscreen, but not as overpowering. L’Occitane claims that this cream will leave the skin moisturised for 24 hours and I think it does. It definitely doesn’t ‘disappear’ from your skin after a few hours like some oils can (because many only provide an occlusive layer on top of your skin, which rubs away easily, leaving your skin super dry all over again). It sits on top of your skin a little (a protective barrier if you will) but it also nourishes the skin underneath.


The tube contains 200ml of cream. This will last you a good while, especially if you use it only on the driest areas of your body (a little goes a long way!). If you know someone who like ‘practical’ skincare, which works first and foremost, but also contains quality natural ingredients – this would be a good gift! The shea butter used in L’Occitane’s products, comes from Burkino Faso in Africa. The plantation is Africa is fair trade and is predominantly run by women, which is awesome! L’Occitane also does a Shea Ultra Rich Body Scrub, which I’m quite keen to try now! If you would like to grab this guy, he costs $59 (free shipping is included at Adore Beauty).

I’m not usually let down by L’Occitane products, so I’m really glad that this body cream is also a hit! Their shea butter line is quite extensive actually, and also includes facial moisturisers. Have any of you beauties tried anything from this line before?

Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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