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Inspiration: Mother of Pearl Hair by Davines

I just came across this photo and I had to share it as it’s soooo beautiful! We’ve seen a lot of pastel and coloured ombre hair styles in the last couple of seasons but this really is a new take on ‘trend’. The subtle colours and classic hair style give it an air of elegance, while remaining whimsical. The colour combinations are also so perfect.


Davines latest hair collection was created by Angelo Seminara and you can find out more about the collection here. It really is artwork!

I’ve never tried Davines haircare before, but I’m so tempted now! I love the aesthetic look of their products and the ethos of the company (really big on sustainability). The ingredients used and the product descriptions themselves also sound wonderful. I’ll keep you updated when I’ve purchased something from their range 🙂

Have you tried the ombre/coloured hair trend? Tried a product from the Davines hair care range?

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Beauty Bee~

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