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Inspiration: Makeup Organisation and Collections *Updated*

I looooove looking at other peoples makeup collections! Ironically, it makes me think that I should appreciate the makeup I have more and stop buying so many eyeshadows! But it’s so hard isn’t it? Let’s look at these beauties and get inspired 🙂

Above Temptalia shows us how she organises her amazing collection!

Are you drooling yet? 😛 I am! I think a great tip is to buy pretty glasses, trays and boxes to store your makeup instead of traditional storage containers. Let me know if this has inspired you!

*update* Here is where I keep my brushes – pretty cups and mugs all the way! When I have my own place I can’t wait till I have a gorgeous tray to place them on, preferably also on a old dark wooden desk (I have all the details planned out in my head lol!)

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Catch ya next time beauty bees,

Beauty Bee~

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