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Hyakusuke, a Little Makeup Shop in Tokyo.

My brother recently came back from Japan and he bought me some traditional Japanese theatrical makeup and makeup brushes 🙂 I have been to Japan but not to Tokyo where this little makeup shop is located. It’s a family run store and has been around for 200 years (I know – crazy huh!). The makeup and makeup brushes they sell are specifically designed for Kabuki theatre  actors and Geishas, so you can just imagine the aesthetic look of the items and colours 🙂



The shop is quite little as you can see above! Hyakusuka is located in 2-2-14 Asakusa, Tokyo.

I had to trust my brother to pick out some brushes and makeup items for me and I think he did well. He is an artist so I knew he would get me some awesome makeup brushes. I was a little more worried about the makeup products he would pick, but I figured seeing as it would all be something new for me, even if it wasn’t something I would not use a lot, why not be surprised and treat it as a collection item more than anything! I knew of the shop from other bloggers but I didn’t really know what they stocked or the prices of items (it would have been awesome if there was a catalogue online or something). I would love to get in there eventually myself! But for now, here are the goodies that my brother bought back for me 🙂


Above: Traditional goat haired makeup brushes.


Above: Itabake brush. Traditionally used for applying white makeup paint /foundation all of the face on Geishas. Can also be used for contouring, highlighting.


Above: I believe this is a Yachiyo brush. Can be used to blend highlighter and contours. Perhaps also for precise blush application. 


Above: I think this is a Mizu brush. Perfect for face powders.


Above: Another Itabake brush, but this one has a longer brush handle and is thiner.


Above: How gorgeous are these?! I think these are horse hair brushes and the look perfect for lip products and eyeliner. 



Above: A traditional curved dish. Excellent for mixing products and blending.With a blood red base.



Above: Little empty pots for product.



Above: Rice face powder. My brother said that this should be mostly translucent. 


Above: ShikOlive face cream. Apparently non-greasy and contains lithospermum root and olive extracts for superior hydration. 




Above: Blushes! The orangey colour is much darker than it appears in the swatch, not sure why it doesn’t translate on camera. I can’t say I will be that into the orangey brown blush, but I’m sure it would work as eyeshadow. Both blushes are pretty much pure pigment! Both are matte. The bright mid-toned pink is just gorgeous!


Above: Loose eyeshadows.


Above: The first loose eyeshadow/pigment, a gorgeous slightly shimmery purple. 


Above: A mid-toned metallic brown loose eyeshadow/pigment.


Above: A bright shimmery copper loose eyeshadow/pigment.


Above: Swatches of the loose eyeshadows/pigments.

When I was in Japan, I visited an old Geisha house and had the full Geisha treatment (makeup and dress up) and it was crazily fun! Obviously going from being blonde to dark black hair was crazy (thanks to black hair spray) and the makeup techniques used, really elongated my eyes. Makeup really can transform!



Have you bought any Japanese makeup products that you have loved or hated? What about makeup brushes? I’m very happy with my brothers purchases – but I have to say they weren’t cheap! I’m not sure how much each individual product was, but I told him I’d pay him back the total and it is a lot… but it’s art right? 😛 I think I will get most use out of the brushes and the loose eyeshadows me thinks! Let me know what you think of my purchases!

Until next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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