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This post is a little different in that I thought it would be nice to have a sincere chat about how tough life can be sometimes. The reason why I felt like writing a post like this was because the last few weeks have been pretty tough. Sometimes it feels like the last few years have been tough. I didn’t get a job I was hoping for, my living arrangements are not easy, someone in my family recently got really sick and a lot of people depend on me.

It almost seems like everyone is so guarded of their images these days, as in we are continuously on information overload when it comes to the internet and social media and yet I feel like people still project idealised lives to everyone else. People aren’t that sincere about their weakness or tough days and I can see why – we are always told to fake it until we make it. The truth it, no matter what the world tells us, disappoint and sadness is just a regular part of life which we have to greet quite often. I absolutely HATE the other saying “if you want it bad enough, it will happen”. As if it is healthy and normal to just focus on one part of your life and obsess about attaining one goal/outcome over everything else. Sometimes, things just don’t go our way and that’s ok – it’s not that you didn’t want it enough or that weren’t smart or ruthless enough. Life is so complicated and outcomes are a result of many many factors.


Without sounding like a lecture, I thought I would share one ‘tip’ or piece of advice that really helps me out when times are tough. Someone wise once told me that if everything is going wrong, if your hearts been broken, disappointed or hurt and you can still be thankful for at least ONE blessing – then there is light at the end of the road. After all, light cancels out darkness 😉 You might be feeling tired, but if you are mobile and your mind is active – then that is a blessing! If you have family, a pet that loves you unconditionally, a roof over your head, a warm bed, food or cup of tea – then you are blessed. This doesn’t minimise your pain or disappointment, but it helps you to look at the bigger picture. Your life is bigger than one event or even a few events. And you are definitely more then a grade, a diagnosis, an event or a disaster. Starting out somewhere small may really be key!


*Oh, I will add one more small thing – While I know I am not old old, if you asked me when I was at uni, around the age of 18-19, where I would be in my life at 25, I would have told you that I would have a high flying career, live in my own place and have ‘life’ in general sorted out. Fast forward to my 25 years of age and *cough cough* not many of my grand plans have been realised lol I will say that it has almost forced me to get creative and challenge my way of thinking, which is probably a good thing. There probably isn’t a time in life where you think that you have *everything* sorted and so instead of only planning ahead, enjoy what is now, even if it is far from perfect (it’s much easier to enjoy if everything is lollipops and rainbows, but we all know that isn’t usually the case) 🙂

Beauty Bee~

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