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Happy Monday & First $100 Beauty Challenge Update!

Happy Monday beauty bees 🙂 I’m still a little sleepy and bleary eyed, but I’m ready to make this week a positive week!


So I have decided to do the $100 beauty challenge! What does this exactly mean? For four weeks I cannot spend more than $100 on beauty related goods – this includes makeup, skincare, beauty tools (cotton balls, nail files etc), hair products and nail goodies! I’ve decided to not count my regular hair appointment, as I’m not sure if I will get called in for a job interview in the coming weeks and I want to look ‘put together’ (regrowth doesn’t scream put together to me lol). The only other exclusion I have made is buying beauty products as gifts for others since I have a few friends birthdays coming up (and as it’s not for me per se, I think that’s fair!) and I plan on buying my bf a few small toiletries for his upcoming overseas trip (it won’t be anything extravagant – and I will show you beauty bees my purchases).

 I will of course update you on how I’ve been going, what I have been buying, struggling with and perhaps what substitutions I’ve made 🙂 I think this will help me appreciate what goodies I already have and how much I actually spend on beauty goods (scientific research right? :P) I am a little nervous, but I think I can do it! Thank you if you commented on this idea earlier, your words really motivated me 🙂 Since I am starting the challenge today, the challenge will end on the 11th of August.

Would you consider doing this challenge? Let me know as then we can support each other 😀


I hope you have a positive Monday and week lovelies 🙂 I’ll be in touch 😉 (join me on Facebook for more updates!)

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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