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Hands Down the BEST Drugstore HIGH Coverage Concealer, L’Oreal Infaillible More Than Concealer

Ok so my search for the most high coverage drugstore concealer didn’t last long… LOL! I reviewed Maybelline’s SuperStay 24H Concealer, which was pretty good, but I wanted more power and coverage… I was then thinking of trialling another Maybelline concealer (they do some great concealers don’t they?!) the now famous Fit Me concealer. But I knew it wouldn’t be super high coverage thanks to word of mouth. In comes a new offering from L’Oreal which was first released in Europe – I heard about it on Youtube and knew I had to try it. I heard through the grapevine that it was as good as Tarte’s Shape Tape or even my holy grail high coverage concealer, Makeup For Evere’s Full Cover. Could it really be??? Luckily ASOS was selling the concealer before any of our Australian drugstores were, so I could order it quick sticks and test it out for myself. And you know what?! I wasn’t disappointed!!! 😲 It’s a miracle! 🤩 To find out more, read on!

Shape, Cover, & Contour. Full Coverage Concealer.Be Unstoppable. Experience full-on coverage and full-face wear for up to 24 hours. New Full Wear Concealer is our highest coverage formula in our widest concealer shade range ever. L’Oréal Paris Full Wear Concealer provides full coverage with a flawless matte finish. This multi-use formula conceals imperfections while doubling as a contour/highlight product. Shape your face by going 1-2 shades deeper to contour and 1-2 shades lighter to highlighter and brighten. Our extra large applicator provides maximum coverage in one stroke to cover under-eye circles, acne scars, and discoloration. Our waterproof, non-greasy formula won’t transfer, fade, or flake so your full coverage look is locked in all day. A little goes a long way! Available in 25 full coverage shades for every skin tone.

Apply concealer directly on to imperfections and blend with finger, a brush or blender. Pro Tip: To best conceal dark circles, apply in a triangle under each eye and blend.

First of all, the shade range is pretty impressive for a drugstore concealer. The downside to drugstore foundations and concealers has always been the shade ranges – after all even Maybelline’s recent release, the SuperStay 24H concealer only comes in TWO shades. Yep two! That’s pretty ridiculous right. Especially for darker Beauties. So 25 shades is FairPlay L’Oreal 👌

The applicator of this concealer is an oversized doe foot applicator *cough cough Tarte Shape Tape*. The concealer has a creamy liquid consistency. It’s not a tacky cream like most high coverage concealers (think IT Cosmetics BYE BYE Under Eye or Makeup For Ever’s Full Cover). Full Cover is MUCH lighter than Bye Bye Under Eye but still, it’s a cream. Infaillable More Than Concealer is comparable to the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in texture, except that Infaillable sets to a degree (GREAT for under the eyes, this means it doesn’t move around all over the place settling in fine lines). In any case it’s the thinest consistency I have seen for a full coverage concealer.

So is it really that full coverage? YES! I have dark under eye circles. The are blueish purple and depending on how I’m feeling (i.e. when I have a migraine, they get worse) can be really dark and noticeable on my light complexion. It’s something I’m quite conscious about even though I’m getting better at accepting and just dealing with them. Full Cover was the only concealer that gave me 80-85% coverage. Because of Full Covers creamier and thicker texture, it takes a little work to build it up in places. You need to use the tip of a mini Beauty Blender type sponge and suuuuuper lightly tap the sponge so only the concealer is touching your skin, to build up coverage in little spaces (otherwise the concealer you already applied lifts off and you back to square 1). On work days I don’t have time to play with my under eye concealer, so I usually accept that my dark circles are covered about 80% of the way. Hey, that’s pretty good right?! But Infaillable covers my dark circles I would say 90-95% of the way! It’s a lot easier to build up using your fingers too. You only need to lightly tap the place you need more coverage (though a sponge or brush is more precise) and it builds beautifully. probably because like I said above, this concealer sets partially, making it easier to layer product on the skin. But because it has a thin consistency, you won’t get caking (awesome!!!). Caking was my biggest issue with IT Cosmetics’ Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer (it was bye bye concealer instead lol!). Is it drying? Maybe a little, but I use a really hydrating eye cream (Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair) underneath, so it doesn’t dry out my under eye area. An eye cream or any cream is a must under concealer.

From Bottom to Top: Eggshell #321, Oatmeal #324, Bisque #325

Now onto the shades I have! I have three. Originally I bought Eggshell and Oatmeal, but it turns out that Eggshell is way too light for me. And it’s not the lightest shade in the range either! It’s the second lightest lol. I went for Eggshell because it’s rare to find such a light colour that has yellow undertones (not pink, nor peachy!). Oatmeal on the other hand is said to be neutral with slight pink undertones. I think it looks neutral. It’s a great shade for me but can be a little too light some days. So I bought Bisque to warm things out. Bisque is described as ‘cool with pink and blue undertones’ *shrugs* 🙄 To me Bisque is yellow leaning warm. Most days I mix a little Oatmeal with Bisque. *Tip* If you struggle with dark under eye circles, it’s important that your concealer isn’t too light because it can make your under eye circles look ashy or grey as a result. It may be a full coverage concealer, but a shade that is too light still can’t cancel out certain colours. Hence makeup artists recommend using a peachy/salmon colour corrector to cancel out purple/blue tones. For light/pale skinned Beauties, sometimes peachy and salmon coloured correctors are just too dark, so you want a colour that is on the spectrum of peach and red but nothing deep in tone. A slighter warmer pink concealer than your actual skin tone, should do the trick. Something to keep in mind 😊

Above: My under eye circles in all their ‘glory’. They are purple, blue and even green – all the colours of the rainbow! I also have slightly deep set eyes, so some shadowing around the eye area is always going to happen. Also, the under eye circles look worse in real life. I’m not sure why they look better in the photo. Excuse the foundation I’m wearing. I was testing a sample of the new Hourglass Vanish foundation and I’m not a fan for now….

A little concealer is all you need! Above I have one dot of Oatmeal and one dot of Bisque – and to be honest, it’s slightly too much. 

Above: All covered up! The under eye area looks a little too light but that’s only because the foundation I’m wearing oxidised *sigh 😓 But check out that coverage! Amazing! 🤗

The concealer is also marketed as a multipurpose face product. So you can use darker shades to sculpt/contour or lighter shades to highlight. I haven’t used the concealers in this way because of the shades I own, but I can see it working, especially for sculpting. The concealer leaves a mate finish and you might be able to get away with not powdering it. (even under the eyes!). I also powder the under eye area just in case and make sure I am using the lightest powder ever. In the above photos I am not wearing any powder.

The concealer contains 10ml of product and retails in Aus for $29.95. For some weird reason, via the Priceline website only 11 shades are available (like, why?!?) but when L’Oreal is on sale at Priceline, you can pick up the concealer for around $20-21 AUD. At ASOS, the concealer alway sells for $20 AUD (bonus!). Only 22 shades are available via Asos. It might be possible that only 22 shades are available in Aus. I hate it when global companies do that – limit certain colours in certain regions. Sometimes the shade restrictions don’t even make sense (I know eggshell isn’t available in Poland – like what the?! Most girls in Poland are fair with YELLOW undertones not pink!). I really hope they stop that nonsense soon, I mean globalisation hello!? Back to the price point though – it’s wonderful. MUF for example is $48 for 15ml. L’Oreal’s offering is still about half price for the same amount. Because of it’s light texture, it also works brilliantly as an eyeshadow primer. I certainly won’t be discounting Full Cover just yet, but at the moment Infaillable More Than Concealer is my favourite! It has less chance of creasing because of its texture and is a little less work.

So what do you think of this concealer Beauties? Would you pick it up? Maybe you’ve tried it? Let me know!

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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