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Freebies with Purchases & Loyalty Programs; Why are we so Behind?

This past week, those with a Mecca loyalty account, received a special birthday version of their quarterly Beauty Loop boxes (to celebrate Mecca’s 20th anniversary birthday). For those who have no idea what I am on about, a Beauty Loop box comes in three different levels (1, 2 or 3, depending on how much you spend at Mecca) and entitles you to some deluxe samples and freebies. The higher up you go, the more you receive. The birthday Beauty Loop box was different in that everyone received a full sized Mecca branded product. Level 1 received a limited edition coral-tinted lip conditioner, Level 2 received a Multi-Purpose Plumping Balm (for your face) and Level 3 received Illuminating Drops and the coral-tinted lip conditioner. I was actually a little surprised to see how annoyed some people were at the ‘freebies’ on offer this time around (I was happy with my level 2 gift), but then when thinking about it some more, I can understand why. Australian retailers are really behind when it comes to rewarding customers who are loyal and make purchases with them. After all, in this day and age where we have soooo many choices when it comes to chosing retailers (either in brick and mortar stores or online) they really need to persuade you well to buy with them. When they don’t do this, they then complain and their revenue drops. Our department stores are the perfect example of this (Myer and David Jones). Don’t expect any samples when you purchase beauty related products online with Myer. Because you won’t get any (unlike when you make a purchase online with Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus in the US), unless the brand you are purchasing from has their own promotion going on. Myer’s loyalty card in my eyes is a joke. You get a $20 voucher when you have spent $2000 with them. That’s 1% back! They think people don’t realise this, but they do. Sure you can earn extra points during promotional periods, but still, I’m not spending thousands to get pennies back.

What I received in my Level 2 Beauty Loop Box, a Mecca Cosmetica Plumping Balm, worth $39.99. It can be used as a primer, hydrating mask or moisturiser 🙂 

I order a little less with David Jones, so I can’t comment on their loyalty program. What does annoy me though, is that on their website, some products cannot be purchased online, you have to physically go to their city stores to pick it up. How unfair is that if you live outside the city centre? What’s the point of having an online store if it is so restrictive when it comes to products and stock numbers (I’ve noticed that some products from exclusive brands sell out soooo quickly, it’s ridiculous). Some products also show as being in stock, until you put them into your basket. Only then do they tell you the product is out of stock. What the?! Talk about getting your hopes up and then disappointing you. Mecca is one of the better stores and brands when it comes to rewarding their customers. However, people are catching on to the fact that you have to spend sooooo much in order to get anything back, and I think this is why they are not happy even with a full sized product once in a blue moon. To be a level 1 member, you need to spend $300 – $599. For level 2 it’s $600 – $1199 and finally Level 3, anything above $1200. I don’t know about you, but that’s a shit load of money! In a ‘regular’ Beauty Loop box, all levels will still get some packet samples with their boxes. That annoys me greatly, because packet samples should be free with any purchase you make with Mecca. That’s not a rare ‘freebie’ by any means. You get 3 samples with every purchase via their website for example (good!) but not when you shop in store (why?). Mecca loyalty members do get a free gift for their birthday (usually a full sized product from their own line of skincare/makeup) which is nice and I appreciate.

Some of the freebies I’ve received in past Beauty Loop Boxes. Spending $300 to then get one time packet samples is not ok in my books. Getting deluxe mini’s that you can’t otherwise buy is great however (i.e. the mini NARS Velvet Lip Glide or Liquid Bronzer) and super cute!!!

Sephora in Australia is also waaaay behind Sephora in the US. In Aus, you get to choose 2 samples out of a very limited range when you make a purchase online. Despite how many points you have if you are a member, you don’t get deluxe goodies at different levels and stages. Forget about it. Your points can only buy you a discount code. Sephora’s Australian online store is also extremely limited in ranges and the products it sells (popular products run out constantly and are then out of stock for YEARS. That’s obviously an exaggeration, but you feel me?). Some products are also more expensive than in other stores or online web shops, so I will avoid shopping with Sephora if I can. For example, Adore Beauty often includes deluxe sample packs with orders over $100 and their ranges of products from Alpha H or Becca are cheaper (all orders include free postage too!). It’ a no brainer that I would order from Adore Beauty over Sephora.

Just some of the goodies I’ve received as freebies when ordering from Adore Beauty 🙂 The travel sized shampoos and conditioners have been a blessing for work trips! I also love the clear makeup bags that you receive, I also take them travelling with me. I take one for makeup and one for brushes/tools, and I can see exactly where everything is 🙂 

So Beauties, does this bother you? Do you make purchases on the basis of freebies? I won’t spend a certain amount with Mecca just to get a certain level box, I just see it as a bonus. In saying that, if I can purchase a product from the US and it’s on parity with the price I would pay for it here in Aus, but I know I will get better freebies from a store in the US, of course I will buy it from them. I also then appreciate the effort either a physical store or online store makes to reward its customers decently. When I could still purchase from Sephora in the US, I really enjoyed it because I knew I would be rewarded. I don’t get that same joy from purchasing with Sephora here in Aus (I avoid it to put lightly… haha). I do hope that stores here in Aus realise that we know when we aren’t getting our monies worth. I hope they also know that we know what happens overseas and what other customers receive (hellooooo internet!). It’s time they lifted their game, especially since the worst offenders are the really big retailers, not the small ones.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this issue and whether or not you are starting to demand more from your local stores (physical or online)! Let me know also what freebies if any, you receive and what kind of goodies you are willing to spend that little bit extra for 🙂

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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