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Eyeliner Looks

Eyeliner is one of those makeup ‘looks’ or techniques that never goes out of fashion. From season to season the style of the eyeliner may change, however, the simple black flick is a classic! Even if you haven’t mastered the flick just yet, ‘pushing’ some black eyeshadow into your upper lash line makes your eyelashes look optically thicker and eyes larger, so there definitely is an eyeliner technique out there for everyone! I thought that I would start experimenting with different eyeliner looks. Most looks, even the crazy ones, can often be simplified to make them more wearable. Below is one such look, simple but yet different enough to make it stand out. You can’t go wrong if Beyonce is wearing it 😛 I got the idea from her Vogue cover.

Yes I’m still trying to work out how to take decent pictures! I think that taking them during the day with lots of natural light will work best (as I don’t have fancy artificial lighting). The photo below was taken in the evening if your wondering why the lighting looks a bit funny, but I think that you will still see the liner look and what I’ve been talking about!


Photo on 2013-08-02 at 18.53 #3

Liquid liner is not the easiest form of liner to master and I myself have days when it just won’t work for the life of me! I’ve also been searching for the perfect eyeliner brush to make it easier and I think I have finally found it! Funnily enough it’s not even a makeup brush but a painting brush! You want something with quite long bristles but not to many hairs (as they can splay out and make a mess). If any hairs are poking out, you can usually cut them off using very little but sharp scissors. The awesome thing about using a paint brush is that you have such a variety to choose from (most makeup brushes only have one or two eyeliner brushes in their range) and they are soooo much cheaper! I prefer a very thin and long bristled brush as I can get a very fine line, but also thicken it up if I feel like it (It’s always easier to add than to take makeup away or off!). Here’s a picture for you!


Let me know what you think of the look and come say hi on my Facebook page 🙂 Don’t be shy! I will be posting up a couple more eyeliner looks for you, who knows, you might get inspired to try something new!

Beauty Bee~

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