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Everyday Spring Makeup – Light & Bright

It may have been raining today, but its still spring! My everyday makeup has been very understated lately – focusing on natural colours, seamless blending and illumination! Most days I need that extra help and pick me up… Don’t we all huh?! I’ve gone from using my Nars Copacabana liquid illuminator (a cool toned pink) mixed in with my foundation, to my new Becca Moonstone Shimmering Skin Perfector. It’s a light beigy-gold, perfect for spring when you don’t quite have a tan yet but you want to give your face some brightness and shine! Also perfect for Autumn/Fall if your just leaving that summer season behind but don’t want to completely let go of it just yet… Oh, and to pump up the glow factor, instead of using a blush I have been adding my Nars Albatross powder highlighter to my cheeks. It complements the contouring and still looks tres chic because the powder is sooo finely milled. Neither the Becca liquid highlighter nor the Nars powder highlighter contain chunks of shimmer. Everything is understated but in the finest of ways 😉 It’s probably so subtle that you can’t see the full effect in the photo – but when I move in natural light there’s a subtle shine and highlight to my skin, and my complexion just looks healthy. Perhaps sneaky, because we know that trickery was involved right? 😛

Before – seriously blah and tired. No need to see a super large photo of that. WHERE’S MY COFFEE?!?


After- alive! 😀



*above* Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone and Nars Illuminator in Albatross


*above* A swatch of the Becca Moonstone liquid highlighter.


*above* the liquid highlighter blended in. See, no glitter particles!


*above* A closer look at Nars Albatross powder highlighter. I should also mention that I’ve had this powder for years. I just can’t seem to use it up!


*above* Swatch of Nars Albatross. You can see that it’s also a pale gold and so pretty!

I also used the Nars Albatross powder as my eyeshadow, all across the lid. I then blended some Nars Cork eyeshadow into the crease (a medium brown that’s quite neutral). Blend and blend until you can’t see where your eyeshadow stops! And my mascara is my new and now much loved Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara (full review here). In case your wondering, I buy my Becca products from Adore Beauty (free shipping and 20% off most Becca products!) and my Nars products from Kiss & Makeup NY. You can find the Eye of Horus mascara on their website here. Let me know if you have any questions regarding any of these products!

*Tip* Try and not frown when applying your makeup. A Korean friend of mine told me this tip waaay back in High School and now when I see a girl frowning during makeup application (especially foundation application on youtube) I just want to reach out into the screen and scream noooo stop it! Frowning will help develop frown lines and no one wants that! It takes some *training* but its well worth it 🙂 It might even help stop you from frowning in everyday situations if you happen to do so needlessly/quite often. Perhaps this is another secret of Korean girls and their flawless complexion? 😉 It’s all in the power of the mind!

Now for something random: It might be raining in Sydney and it’s not the most motivating weather, but the garden is loving it! In Poland we have a separate name for wild strawberries (poziomki). They are much smaller than regular strawberries and they are sooo sweet. I can describe the taste as somewhere in between regular strawberries and sweet raspberries. I was lucky enough to find one in the garden today 🙂

2013-11-13 19.14.24

What makeup look have you been rocking lately?

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Beauty Bee~

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