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Emile Cordon Cashmere Lip Pot in Lisa

Lip balms are becoming seriously fancy Beauties! I have no objections when it comes to this, especially when it means that beauty brands are becoming more conscious about their ingredients and manufacturing <3 Emile Cordon is  new brand to me, developed, designed and made in the USA. They are taking the humble lip ‘pot’ and giving each flavoured balm complex scents (like your pricey perfume!), a beautiful heavy glass jar and ingredients to nourish your lips. I was lucky to be gifted the Lip Pot in No. 1 Lisa, Rose Champagne <3

An ultra-rich lip treatment housed in a lovingly glass jar that softens, plumps and beautifies lips while delivering a glossy finish and a specially blended scent.Formulated with natural emollients, Evening Primrose Extract and Vitamin E, it provides a long-lasting hydration that beautifully plumps and promotes younger lips. Lips are soften and plumped. A luxurious staple in your vanity.NOTES: Rosé Champagne, Fresh Tea Rose, Strawberry Leaves

The No. 1 Lisa Lip Pot is a clear lip balm. The scent is indeed ‘complex’, it reminds me of strawberry green tea (i.e. Gorgeous Geisha tea from T2!) albeit it is a little sweeter and with a hint of rose.. It’s a gorgeous scent, though it doesn’t have a particularly strong or sweet ‘taste’. I love that it is housed in a heavy glass pot because it does make the lip balm feel super luxurious. Yes, it may not be ideal for lugging around in your hand bag everyday, but it’s perfect for keeping on your bathroom vanity or bed side table.

I love the crown crown graphic on the lid of the pot, it makes me feel like Queen Elizabeth! haha

The ingredients have been selected to nourish your lips as ‘naturally’ as possible with the addition of vitamin E and primrose extract. Remember that your lips are actually the thinest skin on your body (it’s not the under eye area, as I previously thought!) and that is why they flake and get dry so easily. I’m pretty good with applying lip balm, but I find that if it is a great product that does indeed soften and nourish my lips (more than just keeping them hydrated for half an hour) I will remember to return to it and reapply more often. I was a little sceptical when reading the ingredient list as I saw the lip pot contained castor oil. I don’t have an issue with castor oil being used in beauty products, but I find that in lip products it can leave my mouth feeling dry if I happen to eat a little of the product. I don’t know if anyone else has ever experienced this, but I have on many occasions… The Kosmea Kiss From a Rose Lip Balm is notorious for this (unfortunately) and I had to give up using it. Luckily the Cashmere Lip Pot isn’t anywhere near as bad as I expected, despite castor oil being at the top of the ingredient list. I only get the dry mouth sensation if I apply way to much of the product on my lips (a little goes a long way) which makes sense, because then you end up eating most of it…

The lip balm is very emollient and has some great slip to it. Whilst it feels wonderful upon application, I think because it has so much slip it doesn’t stay on the lips for as long as I would like it to (for example, the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask stays on the lips longer in my experience, because the lip balm has a slightly thicker texture). If you look really, really closely at the lip balm in the pot, you can see the teeny-tiniest sparkles (thanks to some finely ground mica ‘dust’) but the shimmer isn’t noticeable on your lips. The balm also looks like it has a pink tint to it in the pot, but this doesn’t show on the lips. It leave a clear glossy finish but with no tackiness.

Do I find it to be moisturising? Yes, especially since it is Winter and I have been suffering from some seriously dehydrated, painful lips because it’s been super windy to boot. With the added heating on in the house, the air gets really dry. I do wish it stayed on the lips a little longer, as I feel like I need to reapply more lip balm as soon as it wears off. For that reason the nourishment you get in the long term from the balm is minimal. In regards to moisture I’d give the lip pot a 4/5 (feels comforting on the lips), for nourishment 2/5 and for texture 4/5. It is still a wonderful lip balm though and does feel more special than a chapstick! 😉

Availability; despite being a US brand and not being available in Australia from what I can tell, you can buy the lip pot from the Emile Cordon webshop. They ship internationally (yay!) and charge only a flat rate shipping fee ($12 courier shipping). There are 5 ‘blends’ or scents to choose from, and these would make some wonderful gifts!  The lip pot comes with a mini ‘spatula’ which you can use to gather some product out of the pot, without using your finger. I quite like this and have been using mine constantly – easy to lose, but if you keep the lip pot in your bathroom or on your bedside table permanently, you won’t lose track of it (unless you have pets that knock stuff over constantly…).  They are $42 US which is defiantly on the pricer side of the spectrum of lip balms.

Is this a lip balm you would try Beauties? Are you willing to spend a little more on a decent lip balm, especially if it feels luxurious? Let me know! 🙂

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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