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Eclectic Mix of New Goodies!

Everyone loves a new goodies post – especially me! 😀 So what do I have to show you today? Let’s take a look!


Phyto Pytocyane Densfying Treatment Serum 12 x 7.5ml. I haven’t been taking any hair supplements for my hair lately and had noticed that more of hair was falling out and that it was weaker than usual. When you have fine blonde hair, this is not cool – I need all the hair I can get lol So I decided to invest in a course of hair treatments which I could do myself at home. I saw these fancy looking ampules and they sounded great, so I decided to give them a go! I’ve always wanted to try Phyto hair products because they are based on a lot of great plant extracts. Phyto is quite well known in Europe and in the US. Phyto isn’t available in Aus, but you can get them from Look Fantastic (a UK site where you can pay in Aus dollars and they provide free worldwide shipping), however this time I bought mine from an online Polish chemist. You get 12 ampules which you can use three times a week for a month or once a week for 2 months. Here is what Phyto say about this treatment product:

Designed to meet the needs of women whose hair is prone to thinning, whether it is reactional or temporary, PHYTOCYANE combines the benefits of a fortifying anti-hair loss treatment to stimulate growth, with the assets of an enhancing cosmetic treatment. From the very first applications, hair becomes fuller, thicker and more resistant. No need to rinse.

The synergy of sulphureted amino acids, gingko biloba and viburnum peel extracts promote intercellular exchanges and keratin production. Grapeseed procyanidins protect the hair bulb from free radicals slow down its aging process. Rich in B vitamins and silk proteins, PHYTOCYANE restores density and shine to the hair, without weighing it down or leaving an oily after effect. A tyrosine derivative, a precursor of melanin, delays the appearance of gray hairs.”


How cool do those glass ampules look?! I’ve used three so far and each time I’m a little worried about the glass shattering…  I always use a tea towel to cover the ‘nib’ of the top of the ampule but so far the top has always come away cleanly (it breaks along the line thats marked on the ‘neck’ of the ampule). I’m really impressed with this treatment so far after only using three. Each ampule comes with 75ml of product, which is a lot of product! The ‘serum’ is quite watery and you apply it to your scalp, rubbing it in with your fingers. I think I’m already seeing a different in my hair as not only does it make my hair appear thicker right after application and styling, I haven’t been experiencing any major hair loss in the last week or so. I still have 9 ampules to go, so hopefully the results are even better in a few weeks!

The online polish chemist from which I ordered the ampules was doing an offer where you buy the Pytocyane Densifying treatment and you receive the matching Pytocyane Densifying Shampoo for free!


This is what Phyto say about this particular product:

“This product is a precious and complementary partner to PHYTOCYANE Revitalizing Serum. The shampoo contains a synergy of energizing Botanical active ingredients to restore vitality to the hair.  Ginkgo Biloba combined with vitamin B6 and cinchona activate cell metabolism and hair resistance, leaving the hair fortified. Grapeseed procyanidins combat free radicals to protect the hair bulb and prevent against the effects of aging.”


What really impresses me with this shampoo is the ingredient list. Cinchona bark extract is the first ingredient in the ingredient list and I read somewhere that this makes up 40% of the shampoo along with the coconut oil. This would be why you leave the shampoo on your hair for 2 minutes for the ingredients to help stimulate your circulation on the scalp. It has a really different consistency – the shampoo is incredibly runny and thin. It does foam up well because it contains sodium laureth sulfate, but this doesn’t bother me that much (I would also assume that it helps the product to stay on your hair as when the shampoo foams up, it doesn’t just run off your scalp). 

Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush. 



I bought this lip brush on Amazon because I couldn’t find it in Priceline or on Look Fantastic (which is cheaper than buying it from Priceline but because the product is coming from the UK you have to wait for it a bit longer compared to the instant gratification you would get from buying it in store lol). I really wanted this lip bush because it comes with a lid, so if you take it with you on a night out, the brush won’t get filthy. I like the look of the brush but the packaging is a little confusing at first. You have a lid for the brush but there’s this metal retractable bit on the handle which slides up and down even with the lid on the brush. It’d a bit odd but nothing major!


I was excited to receive some SkinCeuticals samples (decent sized samples at that!). From left to right I have the Retexturing Activation (resurfacing and replenishing serum), Serum 15 AOX+, Blemish+Age Defense Serum and the Eye Cream (what an awesome and simple product name lol). I think I will have to give myself a few DIY facials over the next couple of weeks and test these out as ‘treatments’.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned above? Do any take your fancy or spark your interest?

I’ll catch ya next time beauties!


Beauty Bee~

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