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Easy Foundation: Chanel’s Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation

Sometimes foundation can be hard. Finding the right colour, the right texture, the right amount of coverage, the right ingredients… no wonder so many beauties prefer to choose a BB cream or tinted moisturiser for everyday wear. A powder foundation with just the right amount of translucency to it, sounds like a dream! What always put me off powder foundations (which are predominantly mineral) was that ‘powdery’ caked on look. I most definitely believe that youthfulness is slightly dewey and hydrated skin. Because powder and ‘hydration’ or even dewiness’ don’t really go together, I skipped that whole category of foundations. I remember when mineral foundations where very much on trend and while they can have some light reflecting minerals in the powder, I always thought they still looked quite heavy one ones skin. Chanel’s Vitalumiere Loose Powder Foundation just sounded  to good to be true (can powder which offers coverage still look skin like?). I know that Chanel’s liquid foundation Vitalumiere is known for it’s thin, almost watery consistency, so that it doesn’t ‘look’ like regular foundation on the skin, so I gave in and bought this pricey powder foundation. I hadn’t ever tried a Chanel foundation before this and I admit that it’s a strange first choice (albeit adventurous? 😉 ) but it worked out well for me in the end (and thank goodness – because it’s damn pricey!).

Inside its new “LIGHT BOX” which holds the secrets of a naturally luminous and even complexion. CHANEL unveils an unprecedented duo. A loose powder foundation and a precious accessory: the MINI KABUKI BRUSH. The surprise: a texture with the evanescence of a loose powder and the smoothing result of a fluid foundation. For a natural second-skin result with no hint of thickness and an amazingly even and smooth skin texture. A new generation of high-definition light pigments that makes it possible to capture and diffuse softer light that is more flattering for the complexion. Mica powder, which optimises light reflection for a natural satiny effect. Canola oil derivative, which improves skin suppleness and provides a sensation of comfort on application and all day long. A sunscreen for SPF 15 protection.


A big selling point for me was that the foundation comes with it’s own mini kabuki brush (to buff the powder onto the skin). The brush is actually hella-good and so incredibly soft, so it actually feels like you are getting your monies worth! Remember the days when products came with their own applicators that were actually decent? Well I do, and luckily Chanel has revived that policy. I’ve washed the kabuki brush twice so far and I’m to report that I haven’t experienced any shedding at all. The powder itself is incredibly fine and silky to the touch. It has that ‘Chanel’ sweet floral scent, which I actually like – I think it makes the process of makeup application even more enjoyable, however, I don’t have particularly sensitive or reactive skin. The fragrance isn’t noticeable once applied to the skin.


So what is the coverage like? It does have some transparency to it, so you can build up the coverage as you wish. The sales assistant at the Chanel counter where I bought this foundation mentioned that it’s best to layer the powder foundation over the top of a primer of BB cream, so that the powder has something to adhere to. If you wear the powder on it’s own, it is incredibly light. On top of BB cream I think it shows even better (meaning it provides more coverage), whilst remaining completely weightless and ‘skin like’.  Again, you can build up the coverage as you wish. I have tried it on top of foundation and I think it looses some of it’s transparency and skin like properties because you get that build up of pigments. When wearing it on top of foundation it does look like you are wearing powder as an FYI. It still photographs beautifully though (despite containing an spf of 15+) so if you want the heavier coverage to make your skin look flawless, that might be the option for you! Unlike other powders which you might layer on top of foundation in the summer to make your base ‘stay put’, it doesn’t separate and look funky after a hot day, out and about. For this reason, I think it’s very multi-purpose, which also helps soften the blow of the cost 🙂 It evens out skin tone and skin discolourations, effortlessly.


In Australia from what I can see there are only 5 available shades. The sales assistant told me to go up a shade in the powder, because of it’s light reflecting transparency, but as I had never used a Chanel foundation before this I asked her to match me up and she chose colour no. 30 Beige for me. I asked for a fair yet neutral shade and that is what I got! It’s a great colour match for me. For some reason the powder does seem to be darker in the pot, than what it is in real life.


It gets a little bitty messy in the pot, but nothing to major. I tend to just dip my kabuki brush on the lid. If I need a little more powder, dipping it onto the mesh net gives you a tad more powder to work with. Luckily it does have the mesh netting and a stopper in the lid, or else the product would be sooo messy and you would routinely use more than needed. Now we get to the price… This baby costs a whopping $90 Aus dollars. I would never pay that price for a lipstick, however because even toned, radiant skin is important to me (and if I have 5 minutes to do my makeup, it’s what i focus on) I was willing to give it a go (hopefully only once?). You can find all of Chanel’s foundations via the David Jone’s website online, or in department stores locally.


A ‘heavy handed’ swatch of #30 Beige

My favourite pairing for this foundation as signalled above, is to pair it with my Avon Anew Clinical CC Cream. Who says cheap and cheerful products can’t be friends?! The powder foundation steps up the coverage of a BB/CC cream, while still looking natural without being detectable. I wouldn’t say it gives me a dewy finish 😛 (we can dream) but it’s undetectable on the skin, looks natural and helps make skin look flawless. That’s pretty good to me!


Are you a fan of powder foundations? Do you find foundation ‘hard’ some days?

Catch ya next time beauties!

Beauty Bee~

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