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December’s Bellabox – Celebrate Summer!

So I finally received this months Bellabox! Last month’s box was a bit late because they were waiting on some products, while this months products were late *I think* because of the Christmas rush… Anyhoo, besides being incredibly impatient, I’m happy with this months box of goodies! Last months box was great and this one is coming close to the success of Novembers box. Wanna take a peak? 🙂




Aurora Spa Vanilla & Honey Lip Moisturiser  – RRP: $25.00 – Full Size. Aurora Spa is a great Australian brand, using natural botanical ingredients. They use a lot of Australian native ingredients which I love. I’m really happy to be receiving a full size tube of their lip balm – what a treat! I was hoping it would be scented like papaya, but it’s not… it doesn’t have a strong scent at all – if any. But that’s not really a minus point so five stars there!

Romy Eucalyptus & Lemongrass Body Lotion – RRP: $29.95 for 300ml – 30ml sample. A decent sized sample which is great to see. It has quite a strong scent of Lemongrass and Eucalyptus (which can be expected). This body lotion would be a great pick me up if you are feeling a little down in the dumps… A plus for me 🙂

Avene D-Pigment Rich Dark Spot Lightener – RRP: $59.95 – 3ml sample. This should be a nice product to trial. The little tube you get will probably give you 2 or 3 applications of the product, which is enough to see if any irritation occurs and test out if you like the ‘feeling’ of the cream (texture, scent, if it sinks in quickly).

HebeBody Detox Scrub – RRP: $15 200g – Full Size Sachet. Now this product looks like fun! It’s not a huge sachet, but I’m hoping it lasts for at least 2 uses. It has a handy zip lock at the top of the packet to keep the product from drying out. It look like damp coffee granules and that’s probably because it is exactly that! The scrub contains coffee, coconut oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil & essential oils. It is something you could make at home if you have all of those ingredients and if your bothered. If not, then this scrub is perfect for you! I really like the brand’s name to – Hebe lol it just makes me giggle…

Kester Black Nail Polish – RRP: $17 15ml – Full Size. I haven’t received a nail polish that I’m completely happy with. Unfortunately this one is added to that category. Apparently the brand is Australian and the nail polishes are free from any nasties, but this chunky silver glitter polish just doesn’t speak to me. Maybe if I was 10, but not anymore. The brand probably has some other more classic colours and formulas so I will check them out, but this polish is going straight to my niece!


Eslor Sample Pack – Comforting Mask (RRP: $49.95 50ml), Replenishing Scrub ($36.95 50ml), Soothing Cream ($84.50 50ml) & Soothing Refiner and Cleanser ($36.95 60ml) – Each sample contains 5ml.   This is a great little set of samples! I’ve never heard of this Californian brand before but the products look really lovely, so I’m very pleased that I will get to try out a few of their products!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Daily Cleansing Gel – RRP: $12.95 100ml – 5ml Sample. I love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter body products. They are cheap, work well and are delicious! I’m not to excited by their face care line, but I’m sure that it is no fuss. It’ll be good for travelling.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Daily Calming Facial Lotion – RRP $9.95 150ml – 5ml Sample. Ditto as above. The full sizes seem to be quite big and as I said, so cheap! Simple and not fancy-schmancy which is good sometimes.

Added Bonus – Little Canvas Tote Bag. I thought this would be larger (something you could take shopping for example) but it’s quite small. It’s cute nonetheless, but I’m not sure what I will  use it for yet…

So that wraps up December! I’m happy with the selection of products this month and there’s new exciting brands which have been introduced (no Swisse bars this month thank goodness! 😉 ). You get your moneys worth for sure, considering that the lip balm alone retails for $25 and you get a full size (whilst paying $15 for the whole box)!

What did you think of this months Bellabox? Do you receive any monthly sample boxes?

Catch ya next time beauty bees!

Beauty Bee~

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