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Comparison & Review: Evo’s Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner &#038

If you colour your hair its probable that you have used a colour depositing treatment or shampoo before, to help make your colour last longer. Blonde hair in particular has a tendency to darken and become brassy. I lighten my hair as I think cool blonde tones suit my skin tone much more than warmer tones (my natural hair is a mousey blonde colour which is warmer to what I prefer). While the upkeep is annoying and time consuming, I think the results are worth it! I have always used a ‘toner’ or a colour depositing treatment to help cool any reemerging warmer tones in my hair. Purple tones work by cancelling out brassy gold tones of pigment (an opposite colour to yellow will achieve this). There are shampoos which also colour correct, however I think adding coloured pigments to a detergent like product just strips your hair unnecessarily so (coloured pigments do dry the hair a little as well). Using a conditioning treatment with added coloured pigments, just seems so much gentler and kinder to your hair. I have tried two colour depositing treatments in the last couple of months, and so I thought I would let you know which worked for me best and why.


I bought the Redken Violet treatment months ago and have used it till the end. I used to be very committed to the old Redken cool blonde colour depositing treatment but it was replaced with this Blonde Idol version, which you ‘customise’ based how strong you need the violet pigments to be. The packaging does look nifty having the purple colour correcting cream separate to the treatment conditioner and then having the two mix when needed. 1 on the dial means that you don’t need much pigment at all and then you get more of the conditioning treatment itself (or pretty much only conditioner). As you turn up the dial, you get more purple pigment and less of the conditioning treatment (so at 6, you get only the purple pigment). The idea behind this is that the numbers can represent the weeks since your last hair colour. It is then also recommended to use the treatment once a week to keep hair colour fresh (though you can use it more often than that).

Here is what Redken say about their product:

Product Benefits

  1. Dual-chamber releases a custom calibrated blend of color-depositing and conditioning formulas that can be adjusted as needed over time

  2. Violet, for cool or platinum blondes, helps neutralize brassiness

  3. Deeply conditions, strengthens and helps preserve tonality between salon visits


Following a color service, dial up weekly to increase color deposit or adjust as needed.



The first time you use the treatment, you turn up the dial to 6 and keep pushing down onto the pump until product starts to dispense (this will be the violet pigment). After product starts to dispense, you turn the dial to 1 and again keep pushing down onto the pump until product dispenses (this will be the conditioning treatment). Once both sides of the product have started to dispense, you can move the dial to your preferred setting (based on the state of your hair). This is where my first problem with the packaging occurred. The pump is sooo weak, so I needed to push down on the pump for a good 5-10 minutes, in order to get any product moving. That’s a long time. I thought my product had faulty packaging at first, but luckily I persevered and kept at it until it started to work (mind you, my wrist started to hurt because the packaging is awkward and the pump is just so damn weak). I also didn’t use my treatment religiously every week, I would use it based on my hair colour. I would most often use the dial placed somewhere in the middle so that I would get a good mix of both pigment and treatment product (I found I liked the dial set to 3 and 4 best). I found that using the almost pure pigment (set on dial 5 and 6) was reallly difficult to wash out of my hair. If you get some product on your scalp, it’s incredibly difficult to rub out of your roots. If I needed a stronger colour correcting treatment, I just left the product in my hair a touch longer but still only set the dial to a 4 or 5. The other issue is that depending how you use the product, one side of the product can be used up much more quickly than the other. It’s just to fussy for my liking and I wish they had just stuck to their old formula and packaging. Why change something if it’s not broken? It is moisturising however, and if you use the dial set to 2 or above, it does get rid of brassy tones in blonde hair. My hair is very easy to brush after rinsing out the treatment and isn’t dry or frizzy.

I bought my Redken Blonde Idol Custom-Tone Violet (the name also seems… unfinished? The wording is awkward) product from RY for $33.96 – not the cheapest product either. Unfortunately I won’t be repurchasing this one. I think they also have a version of this product for warmer blonde hair.

Since I wasn’t a huge fan of the Redken treatment, I needed to find another similar product with better packaging… In comes Evo’s Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner. This treatment also comes with a pump dispenser.


Luckily, this pump dispenser works like a treat! For some reason I thought the treatment might come out in the texture of foam (don’t ask me why), but it doesn’t – instead, it’s a purple cream, similar to the Redken treatment. Here is what Evo say about their product and how it will work:

“Maintain and extend the life of your colour treated hair with evo fabuloso instensifying conditioner. Evo fabuloso platinum blonde colour intensifying conditioner is a colour enhancing conditioner that provides an instant hair colour combined with a super nourishing treatment to repair, condition, add shine, instantly tone and intensify hair colour.

Evo fabuloso platinum blonde colour intensifying conditioner is suitable for dull, dry, colour-treated blonde to very light blonde hair to achieve a clean blonde tone (remove yellow tone/brassiness). This ammonia free peroxide free formula is gentle on both the scalp and hair whilst offering a surge of moisture for softer, more nourished and shiny hair in 3 minutes.

Is there anything evo fabuloso can’t do for dull, dry, colour treated hair? Probably not.”


I probably leave this purple treatment in my hair a touch longer than the instructions dictate when my hair needs some more life and anti-brassy action happening, and it works wonderfully! It takes out all brassy and golden tones out of your hair. The other plus is that the treatment contains argan oil and it does feel like this treatment hydrates much more so compared to it’s Redken counterpart. Not only is my hair hydrated after the treatment, but it also feels healthy. That’s saying a lot when you colour your hair quite often. This guy is a winner in my eyes <3 I also think this bottle will last me for a long time as you don’t need a lot of product per treatment. The Redken treatment contains 196ml of product, while the Evo treatment contains 250ml. It is a touch more expensive coming in at $39.99, but it probably works out to be cheaper because of the size and the little amount of product that you need to use for each treatment. I would only use this colour correcting treatment about once a week as it is pretty strong, however if you natural hair colour is not blonde and is much darker, you may need to use it twice a week or so. I bought my wonderful Fabuloso from Adore Beauty. They also have a promotion going at the moment, where if you buy a Platinum Blonde Fabuloso, you get a free mini Helmut hairspray 🙂 Find that promotion here while it’s still in stock! Free shipping is included with all orders of course. I also love the Evo cater to all different hair colours, so even if you don’t have platinum or cool blonde hair, there is bound to be a colour enhancing conditioner out there for you! Find the full range here. 

*Note* I also find that I don’t need to use gloves when using either treatment as it doesn’t stain the hands (or anything else for that matter).  That is probably my own personal preference.

You know who else has blonde hair and would approve of colour correcting treatments? Sailor Moon! Sorry, I had to sneak that in somehow after my Miss Manga mascara post…. hehe


Have you used a colour correcting treatment before? Any favourites?

Catch ya next time beauties,

Beauty Bee~

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