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Comforting Winter Body Care Products <3

I thought I’d present my current body care products! In Winter, while I want to use rich lotions and potions, it’s also cold and all I want to do after a bath or shower is get dressed really quickly lol so the products I use need to be good and need to entice me to use them again 😉 While there are some old favourites in my current ‘mix’ of products, there’s also some newbies!

The Body Shop’s Brazilian Cupuacu Scrub-In-Oil Body Scrub – This is a relatively new scrub from the Body Shop. I generally like quite large granules in my scrub, for some decent scrubbing action you know? A lot of the Body Shop’s scrubs are quite gentle in my experience, but the sales assistant kept raving about this scrub. She mentioned that you could ‘adjust’ how abrasive the scrub is because its dependant on how much salt you pick up from the tub. You see, there’s a salt layer in the tub (which sinks to the bottom) and an oily layer on top. The salt granules are quite fine but they don’t melt too quickly, so you can get quite a good ‘abrasive action’ going. The oily layer in the tub is quite a light oil (cupuacu is a nut oil from Brazil) so while you feel moisturised after a good scrub, it leaves your skin very silky and not ‘weighed down’. How I love to use this scrub the most is before a bath or shower, as a dry body scrub. I’m quite weak when it comes to dry body scrubbing (it just hurts most of the time ok…) but this scrub is just sooo luxurious and the granules are just fine enough that they don’t hurt (also thanks to the oil being an emollient). I think it’s because the granules are fine and not ‘rough around the edges’. It feels like a massage and even in Winter, I am happy to strip down and scrub myself all over before hoping into a warm bath! 😀 The scrub also smells delicious – it has a slightly nutty scent but it’s not overly perfumed or intensive. It is little pricey being part of the Body Shop’s ‘spa’ range, but trust me, it’s SO delicious, I think it’s worth it 😉 $43 for 350g. *Note* the salt can ‘sting’ if you have any cuts on your body or very sensitive skin.

Let’s move onto another Body Shop product – their also *newish* line, Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter. Described as being soothing and restoring, it’s prescribed for sensitive very dry skins. Organic almond milk from Spain soothes and community trade honey from Ethiopia restores. It should also moisturise skin for 48 hours, which is why I picked it up! I will mention though, that it does contain fragrance, which may bother some sensitive skin. I find the fragrance to be quite ‘comforting’ as it’s got a slightly sweet scent but it’s more ‘milky’ and creamy more than anything else. It’s no where near as sweet and floral as the ‘old’ Honeymania body butter.

The Body Shop’s body butters are famous for being delicious (almost good enough to eat!) and super hydrating. This body butter lives up to the same tradition 🙂 It sinks it very well (especially on top of exfoliated skin) and doesn’t leave an oily residue, however it does leave a protective occlusive layer on the skin – it could be described as even being a bit ‘powdery’. It’s got some great ingredients – soyabean oil, shea butter, Brazilian nut oil, honey, sweet almond oil, sweet almond seed extract and sunflower seed oil. Does it hydrate skin for 48 hours? I think so 🙂 It’s a great nourishing body butter for Winter! The Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter comes in at $28 for 200ml. 

The next product in line, is the L’Occitane Milk ConcentrateThis guy is an oldie and a goodie! It has the most heavenly texture – it’s like it’s part gel and part cream. It just melts into the skin and leaves it so hydrated and supple, you automatically look and feel better. The hydration is said to be from the almond milk and oil from the almond tree. There is also walnut seed extract and almond extract in the formula, to help strengthen skin. I’m pretty sure back in the day, the milk concentrate was also supposed to firm your skin, but they seem to have dropped that claim from the website description (though it’s also on the jar). *Just in case* I massage in the concentrate into my thighs a little more thoroughly and with more attention 😉 It is divine and is definitely a treat! It comes in a heavy glass jar (available in both a 100ml and a 200ml jar) and has quite a sweet scent. It is Loccitane’s ‘famous’ almond scent. The 200ml jar will set you back $64 from Adore Beauty.

There is also another L’Occitane product, the Almond Shower Oil, which has also reached cult status in the world of Loccitane and body care! It’s a creamy body oil, which you smother yourself in. Once you are ready to wash it off, water emulsifies the product, turning it into a milk.  It leaves skin feeling fresh and clean, but also hydrated! In Winter (and any time really) this is so important. Skin is also delicately scented (the scent is the same as the milk concentrate and the rest of Loccitane’s almond line). I think a lot of the power and magic in this shower oil, is that it comes in an oil form, so you automatically feel that it is more luxurious and you take the time to massage it into your skin. You get 250ml for $38 from Adore Beauty.

The last product to mention from the lot, it La Roche Posay’s Lipikar Baume AP+. This is a balm, which is seriously calming, designed for inflamed, irritated, itchy skin. If your skin ever ‘hurts’ or feels itchy, it’s natural lipid barrier has probably broken down and it is in need of some serious SOS. I reviewed this balm in great detail recently (see here!) but I will say, that it does what is claims! It doesnt only restore the skins lipid barrier in the short term, but it also rebalances the skin’s micro-organisms (who knew) for long-term relief. It is really thick despite coming in a pump bottle and does smell a little medicinal (there’s no synthetic fragrance in the formula but it has a ‘natural’ scent). I use it on the lower half of my legs post shaving.  It is also a little pricey, but a little goes a long way and the pump bottle is big – you get 400ml of product (for around $40). Do note that you can wait until La Roche Posay has gone on sale at Priceline (their brand 20% off sales are the bomb!).

I hope you Beauties enjoyed the quick run through and mini-reviews of all the products 🙂 I bought all the products myself, so there’s the disclosure in case you were wondering 😉 Let me know if you have tried any of these goodies and what you look for in products when it comes to Winter ‘maintenance’!

Catch ya next time!

Beauty Bee~

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