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Cheat your way to ‘Glass Skin’ with the Ciaté Dewy Stix Luminous Highlighting Balm! 🌟💦

If you’re after dewy skin, I’m all in! 🙋‍♀️ To me, that’s what this ‘glass skin’ term means – ultra dewy, reflective skin. If you Google ‘glass skin’ it will also tell you that is means pore-less and perfected. No blemishes or redness. Achievable? Not every day that’s for sure, but that’s trends for you LOL! Never quite practical right?!? The thing that I do like about the concept is that super hydrated and reflective skin will divert attention away from pores and other imperfections. I’ll probably do a seperate skin care and makeup post talking about how to achieve glass like skin, however, today I wanted to introduce you to a highlighter that can help you fake this trend! Fake it till you make it I say 😅 I have been absolutely LOVING Ciaté’s ultra glossy highlighter, because I have always loved ultra dewy skin be it trendy or not! 🥰💦 So let me tell you all about it!

Ciaté Says

WHAT IT IS Luminous Glow Highlighting Balm This highlighting stick creates the ultimate dewy skin complexion, with minimal shimmer. This gel-like non-tacky formulation leaves behind a beautiful skin finish that demands attention! Now available in 3 shades, Glow – for a low-key iridescent glow, Gleam – is a gold-hue of celestial duo-chrome pearls, and Lustre is a Rose Gold perfect for the lit-from-within look. 

WHAT IT DOES Take your highlight to the next level and let the real you shine through with Dewy Stix Highlighter Balm. Create a ‘your skin but better’ effect by skipping the foundation and sweeping over cheekbones and let your freckles do the talking. For a glam glow you can see from space – pat on top of your foundation and set with the Glow-To Highlighter of your choice.

HOW TO USE Glide this balm onto cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow and anywhere light would naturally hit your face.

Dewy Stix are balm or cream highlighters, that are quite thin in texture and non-sticky. There are three colour options in total but I have two: Glow and Gleam. I would describe both colours a little differently to how Ciaté describe them. Glow is the almost ‘invisible’ shade, that has iridescent cool toned sparkles. Now when I say sparkles, it’s important to note that they are SO tiny, they are almost imperceptible on the skin. Caught in the right light you can see some of the iridescent sparkle but for the most part, Glow gives skin a glossy highlight and that’s it! 🌟 Gleam on the other hand has gold & red iridescent sparkles that are more noticeable on skin. You could say it is the ‘warmer’ shade of the two. Lustre, the third shade which I don’t currently own, looks more pink and rosey compared to Glow and Gleam.

Both Dewy sticks leave skin looking ‘wet’ wherever they are applied. They give skin that mirrored and reflective shine that is very ‘in’ at the moment. I like it because it’s almost like a ‘gown up’ version of highlighter that’s almost invisible and blends seamlessly on the skin. It’s also very editorial – perhaps Lisa Eldridge did my makeup??? I wish, but you get what I mean 😂 I like the idea of not being able to actually ‘see’ product on the skin but rather just the reflective shine that’s left behind. SO sophisticated 😉 Despite Gleam containing more noticeable sparkles when you swatch the product on your hand, I should note that they are still very subtle once applied to your face. Despite being more gold toned and Warner, because the base of both highlighters is translucent and clear, both shades suit my very fair skin tone very well. For this reason, they should both suit the fairest of skin tones as well as the darkest. How awesome is that?!? I’m tempted to try the third shade but maybe having three shades is overkill lol because they all have a translucent/clear base to the formula of the highlighter, they can look rather similar once applied to your face.

Above: A swatch of the Ciaté Dewy Stix in Glow. I swatched this colour on it’s own because it is really difficult to capture the iridescent sparkles in the product. It was almost impossible! Drove me crazy… but here it is 😅📸

Above: Bottom swatch is Gleam. Top swatch is Glow (it didn’t come up great, hence the seperate swatch of Glow on it’s own).

Why not just use a thick lip balm or vaseline on the top of your cheekbones? Of course you can! You will get a similar effect. But. Vaseline or a lip balm is certainly going to be thicker and stickier – any floating hairs or dust will stick to your face lol if it’s a product that is too thin and ‘slippy’ it may also migrate on your face. The Dewy Stix don’t move around your face once applied *phew! I don’t apply the stick straight to my face, I use my fingers to dab product onto my skin, wherever I want to apply it. Applying it this way means I don’t wipe or move any previously applied product on my face. I haven’t found the Dewy Stix to change the texture or look of my foundation or other base products. I actually sometimes apply the Dewy Stix on top of a light dusting of powder and my skin plus base products (foundation and powder) still look perfectly fine 👌 It is not a difficult formula to work with at all!

The Ciaté Dewy Stix applied to my skin. I’m wearing the colour Gleam. See what I mean by the shimmer being almost invisible?! The shine of the highlighter was very difficult to capture on camera… but I think you get a good idea about the effect the product gives, expect that it is glossier and more reflective in person. Photo has not been edited and has been taken in natural day light. It also seems that some of my foundation has come off from my nose! That’s what a cold will do to you…

The Dewy Stix are a wind up stick, in light plastic packaging. You only get 5g of product which is not very much at all…. The photo below is of the Dewy Stix wound all the way to the top – that’s what 5g of product looks like! Yes it’s not super expensive perhaps (though that’s relative right?) in Australia you can pick up the Dewy Sticks for $38 at Mecca Cosmetica, but it’s not cheap either. I really, really like the product and the effect they give but the fact that you get so little product is probably what will keep me from buying and trying the third shade, Lustre.

The Dewy Stix are the first makeup products I have tried from the Ciaté brand. Ciaté London is the full brand name and they are as you guessed, British. They were at first a nail colour and hand care brand but have now expanded into makeup. When dedicated brands expand, I’m usually quite sceptical about their new products because sometimes it means a brand loses focus and doesn’t necessarily take the time and care needed when considering new products. They expand for expansions sake. But I’m really impressed by these highlighting balms/sticks, so maybe I will try more of their makeup products in future!💄💋😊 I will also add that I really like and was really into their nail polish for a while! From memory I reviewed a few of their nail colours on the blog waaaay back.

That’s it Beauties! Let me know if these highlighters and the effect of ‘wet’ dewy skin appeals to you! Are you into the whole ‘Glass Skin’ thing? ✌️🌸🐝

Catch ya next time,

Beauty Bee~

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